I’m back (almost)!

Wow, so it really has been a month since I last blogged. It’s been a manic few weeks so I’ve not had the time to write much, hence the lack of activity. However, the blog will be returning soon with a few small changes, as detailed below:

  • I may no longer be able to do the regular ‘of the week’ posts that this blog is best known for on a weekly basis. They take 4-6 odd hours to do in total and it’s a mad rush to finish things every week…
  • Which leads me to the second point. I plan to keep this as a ‘weekly’ blog but the posts may be shorter and may feature just one story, event etcetc. I’ll also be doing more ‘top ten’ and ‘top five’ lists.
  • There will be no more ‘samurai of the week’ feature. This is by far the longest part of the blog to write and I usually spend far too much time on this one section. Not to mention, I’ve exhausted the main list of samurai. I may do a ‘famous Japanese person of the week’ feature later on.

So, as promised (FINALLY) I will be doing a feature on Hyper Japan next week. It will be relatively short and focus on the Sushi Awards as I have already covered the other aspects in this here video.

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