Stats, sex and samurai

NB: Some of my earliest blogs no longer have their accompanying images but enjoy the copy!

I’ve been keeping an eye on my stats for a while now and learning how people come across the blog in the first place. In short, some of you have weird tastes. I thought I’d share some of the weirder search terms that have linked people to my blog…

The Top Ten

Date Masamune rules the blog, along with several other samurai and lots of Japanese food. I didn’t realise Roy Mustang was still so popular, though.

Anime, manga and games

1) I love everyone who put these words into. Google 2) Cloud Strife is fictional. 3) What on earth is indictment hair?

Pandas everywhere!

I really don’t think I’ve ever blogged about pandas but apparently a lot of people find the blog looking for them. I may have to do a panda special if I want a sudden influx of views! Incidentally, here is that picture of the panda hugging a policeman…


History homework

The best search terms were too long to screen grab, so I typed them out below.

how did ieyasu’s childhood as a hostage affect his quest to become shogun? how did being a hostage affect his rule as shogun?

I definitely never answered this question but I bet this question is on someone’s syllabus and it’s really freaking them out right now…

tokugawa shogunate: an illustrated guide to the punishments of the tokugawa shogunate

I never really liked Ieyasu…

Dirty things

There were so many different search terms but I’ve just taken the most popular ones as examples. You people are disgusting!

Well, that makes no sense…

The second one must be from a song about a stalker. I really don’t know how typing this into Google brings you to the blog.

And finally, by far the weirdest one of all…

Obviously the 20 odd people who were looking for this ‘workshop’ must have been a bit disappointed when they found a Japan blog!

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