Blog birthday bonanza

Sophie’s Japan Blog is one year old!

Last year, I was a fresh graduate looking for a job. The solution? Blogging about Japan! To celebrate a year of writing and to thank my wonderful readers (from America to England to Singapore), August will be full of giveaways and special features.

Japan Blog lucky dip

Here’s the first give away and it’s running right through to the end of Friday 31 August. Plus, if you follow the blog on Twitter or Facebook, you’re entered twice into the prize draw.

The prizes up for grabs (courtesy of my own bedroom):

All you have to do to win…

Send an email to with the subject ‘Lucky’, with…

  • The prize (or prizes) you want
  • What country you’re from
  • Your Twitter handle/Facebook name if you want to be entered twice

Winners will be emailed on September 1st for their postal address. It’s easy!

Coming up … Olympics, cars and a little bit behind the scenes! Make sure you don’t miss a post by subscribing today. Here’s to a year of the blog.

8 thoughts on “Blog birthday bonanza

  1. How did starting this blog solve your looking for a job problem? I’m not being sarcastic I’m actually being serious as I’ve been struggling to find a job in America despite having graduated Cum Laude from a business honors program.

    • Hey, no offence taken. Having a blog helped in my interviews because it shows that you can research, keep to a schedule and understand the use of social media (if you’re promoting your blog online through Twitter etc). My job is in PR so social media is still quite a ‘new thing’ that needs explaining to long-standing businesses. I’m working on a lot of social media campaigns so talking about my blog in the interview certainly helped me get it. I’ll actually be writing more about how blogging has helped me later in the month, so I hope there’ll be something in there that will help with your job hunt. The most important thing is to stay positive!

      • Cool. Yea that is why I started mine as well. I think I would be good at jobs working with social media and marketing but I needed proof. I have been putting my blog in cover letters and trying to showcase my understanding of all these web tools. Although my blog is only a month old so the going is slow and I don’t have much of a following. I also haven’t nailed down the style and total purpose of my blog. I’m writing books and learning Japanese to an advanced degree so the blog is more on the back-burner of me just throwing down the endless sorces of material I use.

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