London Olympics round up: Yatta, Team Japan!

NB: Some of my earliest blogs no longer have their accompanying images but enjoy the copy!

Be honest, you watched the Olympics. Even if you were one of those cynics like me who wasn’t the slightest bit interested in the run up to it all, moaned about how expensive it was going to be and how silly we were going to look on the world stage, you tuned in for at least a little bit.  However, for 16 days, Britain was happy without restraint.

Yes, I caught the Olympic fever and even threw an Olympics party with bunting and cake and everything. Check out the video below of us playing suikawari (watermelon splitting) and destroying a poor piece of fruit.

I couldn’t resist blogging about the ‘lympics, so here’s a quick look at Japan’s performance in the event.

Number of athletes: 305

Number of medals: 7 Gold, 14 Silver, 17 Bronze

Most of Japan’s medals were won in swimming (11), judo (7) and wrestling (6) – sports at which the country traditionally excels at.

I was particularly interested in the gymnastics and distinctly remember those five minutes when Great Britain briefly held a silver in the Men’s Team before Japan appealed a decision against Kohei Uchimura and knocked us down to bronze. I think my reaction was something along the lines of “Dammit Japan!” but when I saw Uchimura’s performance in the individual round, where he won a gold, all was forgiven.


The swimming events were also fun and Japan got a lot of their medals here. Congratulations go to Satomi Suzuki and Ryosuke Irie, who both won a silver and bronze in their respective races. Five other athletes also won medals in swimming for Japan.

A couple more worthy mentions include Kaori Matsumoto, who won Japan’s first 2012 gold in judo, Ryoto Murata, who won a gold in boxing, and the collective efforts of the women’s football team, who won a silver.

Overall, Japan had a successful haul in the London Olympics and reached a record high of 38 medals. The Japanese Olympic Committee had been hoping for 15 golds and only one of these was in judo, one of its strongest sports, but 7 golds is no small goal, especially considering the recovery that Japan has undergone in the past year.

For a complete breakdown of all of Japan’s athletes and medals, you can check the London 2012 website here.

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