Art competition time! Design a bumper sticker…

NB: Some of my earliest blogs no longer have their accompanying images but enjoy the copy!

It’s the final blog birthday post! Well, we’re creeping into September but I did promise one more post…

First, allow me to introduce you to my car (kuruma), Mitsunari. Yes, he is named after the samurai Ishida Mitsunari.

Second, allow me to introduce you to the blog’s latest competition. I’d love to decorate Mitsunari with a car sticker and what could be more appropriate than a sticker advertising Sophie’s Japan Blog? I can’t draw to save my life, so I’m hoping somebody else can pimp him out!

Your ideas can be as simplistic, colourful or zany as you want. Anything that you think will look good on the car! The winning entry will be uploaded to Zazzle and the text advertising the blog will be added on top. So, you just need to draw something fabulous and I’ll handle the boring tech stuff. If you want to add text somehow (but please limit it to the website name), that’s fine too. The winner will also get a copy of the sticker sent to them so they can show off their work. Don’t have a car? Stick it to something else in your room!

Just a couple of rules:

  • Your art must be in a horizontal format, as that’s the only shape that will fit on a bumper sticker
  • Your art can not include trademarked characters (from anime series etc.) because these cannot be printed by the company
  • Please save your art as both a png. and jpg. as these are the best formats (so you’d be sending two attachments)

Send your entries to by 11:59pm Sunday 30 September. Depending on the number of entries, this might be extended but let’s aim for that date!

Let the games begin! Vroom.

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