London, Umezushi restaurant, Wow Japan competition and other announcements!

NB: Some of my earliest blogs no longer have their accompanying images but enjoy the copy!

This week’s post is more of a ‘pick and mix’ because I’m packing and running around saying goodbyes to people in Manchester. Oh yeah, the first of several exciting announcements… I’m moving back to London!

London is ‘so totally sugoi’

I promise I’m using ‘sugoi’ in the most sarcastic term possible, although London is pretty awesome! I’m starting a new job in November so this is actually my last week in Manchester. It’s all happening quite suddenly but I’ll soon be in prime position to blog about:

London’s got so much to offer: galleries, events, meet up groups. So you can expect to see a lot of new content on the blog. The next two or three weeks might have short blog posts as I’m settling in but stayed tuned.

New Japanese restaurant in Manchester…

Typical, the week before I leave Manchester I find out that there’s a new Japanese restaurant. Well, newish. Umezushi opened up in Manchester a few months ago and I’ll be checking it out later this week. There’ll be a blog post at some stage, of course.

Stuff up for grabs…

This will be my final eBay clearout of the year! Hooray? Anyway, I’m trying to shift some wares and there are some anime art books, manga as well as winter clothes in there. Please have a look and see if anything takes your fancy…

WOW Japan competition…

If you’ve been to Japan you might be interested in entering this photo competition, courtesy of the Japan Tourism Agency. The prizes include flights to Japan and tailor-made events. You can find everything out here

New tab!

I’ve created an interviews tab in the blog menu, so you can browse through the three that are on the blog so far. The aim is to build this list up over the next few months. If you have something Japan-related you’d like to be interviewed about, please email to chat!

And the winner is…

Congratulations to TheBarisUnlu, who won the Broken Blade DVD giveaway, and to everyone who entered. There were 30 individual entries… a record for the blog! Granted, it was a pretty great prize, courtesy of MVM Entertainment. I hope to arrange another competition in the next few months, so stick around…

Right, so next time I’ll be blogging I’m be in London! Better get packing…

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