Delicious sushi at Umezushi

NB: Some of my earliest blogs no longer have their accompanying images but enjoy the copy!

This Manchester-based restaurant has only been open for four odd weeks and, right off the bat, it’s getting two thumbs up from me (and a blog review). A few Japanese restaurants have popped up around the city centre and Umezushi is in the top band. It feels authentic, the chefs are experimental with their menu and the food is delicious.

Last week was my last week in Manchester before my moved to London, so I went to Umezushi with my Japanese friend Tomoko, who’s studying in Manchester. Surely she’d be the best person to confirm whether this was good Japanese food. It’s not the easiest restaurant to find; it’s only a five minute walk from The Printworks and past the MEN Arena but if you’re as bad at directions as me, you’re best looking up 4 Mirabel Street on your phone.

The restaurant is quite small, complete with sliding doors and a small bar where you can watch the chefs prepare fresh sushi. We were served with complimentary pickles when we first sat down. Now, this is actually something that you get in Japanese restaurants and it was the first time I’d seen this done in a restaurant in England so I was impressed.

Ordering food is quite fun. Your menu has different kinds of sushi (maki, nigiri, gunkan) and you then mix and match the fillings from the board. This changes every week, so you know it’s fresh. I went with unagi nigiri and salmon gunkan for my first round…

I wolfed down my tempura too quickly to stop and take a picture, so that can only be a good sign. Another first – sweetcorn tempura! I firmly believe that tempura-frying food only improves it and it was interesting to see that I’m not the only person in the world who thinks so!

And, of course, dessert. Chocolate mousse? Maybe not strictly Japanese. Add passion fruit and strawberry jelly to the top and oh my gosh delicious. We got chatting to the chefs who said they were trying it out as an experiment and were planning other mystery things such as a matcha sponge.

To summarise, I urge all of my Manchester-based readers to head to Umezushi. It’s new, it’s delicious and it’s different. My personal favourite thing about it is the fact that the the menu is still changing and the chefs are still experimenting. The fact that it’s a new restaurant means that it needs interested hungry customers, so go there now!

Next week: I’m going to see Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds on Friday at the grand Royal Albert Hall. Expect some magic!

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