Thailand taste test: One Piece drinks

NB: Some of my earliest blogs no longer have their accompanying images but enjoy the copy!

Hope you had a great Christmas and got what you wanted! I’m back from a lovely two week trip to Thailand – though not so happy to have gone from 33 degrees to 9 overnight!

Shock horror – there are 7/11’s in Thailand! Not too different from the Japanese ones either in terms of crazy food and drink.

I couldn’t escape certain Japanese treats that were scattered around Bangkok. It turns out that Doraemon and One Piece (and Angry Birds!) are very popular in Thailand. We came across a lot of amusingly-named drinks, from Sassy to Man-some, as well as One Piece juice cartons. My first thought was ‘OH MY GOD’ followed by ‘oo, this will make a good blog post’, so I bought them all!

Introducing… (probably) the first ever One Piece drink taste test! Listed in order of deliciousness:

Usopp (Goji berry) – by far the best one, even if the competition wasn’t too tough. This actually tasted of fruit juice, with a slightly bitter kick from the goji berry. I’ve not seen One Piece for years but I remember thinking Usopp was the lamest character, so guess it’s fair he has a nice drink to make it up.

Sanji (lemon and honey) – very refreshing and sweet in the hot weather. It basically just tasted of cold lemon juice… really can’t think of anything else to say about this one!

Chopper (strawberry) – A pretty standard flavour in juice boxes. Not particularly good but not particularly bad either. It was sweet and refreshing and I drank this one during a particularly hot bus ride, so that might have made it taste better than it actually was.

Nico Robin (black tea and lemon) – This was an odd-tasting one. Sweet but bitter. I finished it, which is more than I can say of the other drinks that follow after this one. It was suitable for a midday beach treat but I’m not keen to try it again!

Zolo (genmai) – Genmai is brown rice. You might have had genmaicha in a Japanese restaurant! Sadly, this really didn’t taste very nice. It basically tasted of cold genmaicha, which is delicious when it’s hot… but you never drink it if it’s already gone cool!

Nami (kikucha) -Kiku-ichimonji is chrysanthemum  which is a pretty-looking flower and that’s about it. Basically, this one tasted of sugary syrup mixed with water. Disgusting. Bleh!

Luffy (original) – Ironically, the worst one out of the lot, even though the kikucha flavour was almost equally as bad. I think bottled cold green tea tastes nice but this one tasted as if someone had added a load of sugar syrup to the mixture. Maybe they had … anyway, this was DISGUSTING!

The makers of these juices was Oishi, a Japanese brand that is popular across eastern Asia. Here’s their special One Piece page, for those of you who are curious. Thailand is amazingly cheap when it comes to drinks and food so I treated myself to more of Oishi’s drinks. There were some more ‘anime’ black tea drink cans which weren’t too bad. I only tried one of the three and, typically, went for the one with the bad-ass guy with sunglasses.

As you’ve probably guessed, I’m back to blogging! There’s still a few days left to enter the Isn’t Anyone Alive? DVD giveaway so get your entries in!

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