The best Final Fantasy song OF ALL TIME? Vote now!

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I’ve been on a bit of a Final Fantasy Distant Worlds soundtrack spree and it occurred to me… what is the best Final Fantasy song? Is it really Sephiroth’s theme, or is it just so mainstream? Yes, I did say that while donning my special hipster glasses.

There’s only one way to find out… fight/vote! I am calling on every Final Fantasy fan to leave a comment below listing up to 5 of their favourite Final Fantasy songs. On the 31st January the polls will close (and I will have the fun task of tallying it all up and posting the Top 10 results).

Of course, there are some rules:

1) List no more than 5 songs! The idea here is that it will challenge you to think more about your choices.

2) Only songs from Final Fantasy I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII and XIII. There’s enough choice here without bringing the hundreds of spin-off games from the GBA, DS and PSP into it!

Don’t forget the ‘oldies’ like 1-3, or anything ‘post-Final Fantasy VII’… that is, if you really think their songs were the best! Also, take your time! Think back to your childhood memories when you were playing the games and dying over and over again in that one accursed boss battle. I have no input in this poll whatsoever (because I’ve already posted about my favourite Final Fantasy songs before) so it’s all down to you. Your comment might not appear straight away as it will need verifying but I’ll be checking regularly so everything counts!

So, get posting! While you’re at it, check out my post on Final Fantasy Distant World: London from last year. Oh, and make sure you share this page and spread the word!

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30 thoughts on “The best Final Fantasy song OF ALL TIME? Vote now!

  1. Great blog Sophie! My favourite songs are 1)To Zanarkand, 2) Melodiies of Life, 3) Terra’s Theme. I saw the Distant Worlds Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall too. Am-az-ing!

  2. Theme of Love – FFIV
    Terra’s Theme – FFVI
    One Winged Angel – FFVII
    Something to Protect – FFIX
    Sunleth Waterscape – FFXIII

    It was hard narrowing it down to just five. ^_^;;

  3. In no particular order:

    1) One Winged Angel. Duh.
    2) Liberi Fatalis. Duh again.
    3) Boss Theme FF7. The quintessential fighting music song.
    4) Loss of me (Beatrix’s Theme). Sums up FF9 so well…
    5) Shinra Theme. It’s just so evil…

    I only get to make 5 choices though, ffuuuu! Needs more FF9 music, clearly the best one!

  4. In no particular order

    – The Landing – FFVIII
    – Cosmo Canyon – FFVII
    – One Winged Angel – FFVII
    – Vivi’s Theme – FF IX
    – Maybe I’m A Lion – FFVIII

    Could mostly be due to having spent most of my time on those FF games over the others, but I genuinely believe they also have the best music of the lot. Although I was tempted to throw down some lovely Chocobo themes.

  5. 1. You are not alone (FFIX)
    2. Roaming Sheep (FFIII)
    3. My Home Sweet Home (FFV)
    4. Rebel Army Theme (FFII)
    5. To Zanarkand (FFX)

    Some oldies in there (but they really do have the best music! :D)

  6. 1) You are Not Alone – FFIX
    2) One Winged Angel – FFVII
    3) Melodies Of Life – FFIX
    4) Succession Of Witches – FFVIII
    5) To Zanarkand – FFX

  7. Also went to both Distant Worlds concerts and loved them – spent most of them sobbing like a little girl, but they were fantastic. Anyway…

    1. Main Theme of Final Fantasy – FFI
    2. Theme of Love – FFIV
    3. Kiss Me Goodbye – FFXII
    4. Opera “Maria & Draco” – FFVI
    5. One Winged Angel – FFVII

    Picking only 5 is HARD.

  8. 1. Liberi Fatali – FFVIII
    2. Melodies of Life – FFIX
    3. Eyes on Me – FFVIII
    4. Life Stream – FFVII
    5. Over the Hill/Crossing These Hills (world map theme on discs 1-3) – FFIX

    So hard to pick just five =(

  9. 1. FF12 – Boss Battle
    2. FF13 – Gapra Whitewood
    3. FFX – Wandering Flame
    4. FF12 – The Prelude
    5. FF7 – Jenova Absolute

  10. Oops I posted on the wrong blog post!! Sorry! Not sure how that happened… it was supposed to be on your post about Shoryo restaurant! (@_@)

  11. Hmm it’s a tough one! Here are my favourites, mostly due to their ability to make me feel sad and nostalgic (except #5 which is simply awesome).

    1. Not Alone (FFIX)
    2. Suteki Da Ne (FFX)
    3. Xarcabard (FFXI)
    4. Cid’s Theme (FFVII)
    5. Clash On The Big Bridge (FFV)

  12. Man, so tough. This list would likely change all the time for me, but here’s my current five 🙂

    1. Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII – FF7
    2. Zanarkand – FF10
    3. Terra – FF9
    4. Dust to Dust – FF13
    5. Besaid – FF10

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  14. Oh gosh, that’s a difficult one! Not in any particular order;

    1. Suteki Da Ne ~ FFX
    2. Vivi’s Theme ~ FFIX
    3. Oeilvert ~ FFIX
    4. Aeriths Theme ~ FFVII (piano version/AC version is the best)
    5. Techno De Chocobo ~ FVI (Best chocobo theme imo!)

  15. As requested on Twitter, I’m voting for the top four from our bracket a couple years ago:
    1. Dancing Mad – FF6
    2. Terra – FF6
    3. To Zanarkand – FF10
    4. Celes – FF6

  16. ……Well, I’ve deliberated and mused and pondered for days, and…

    I can’t so it. I simply cannot pick just 5 songs! It was too hard! T_T

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  18. To Zanarkand (ff10)
    FF7 boss theme
    Loss of me/ Rose of May (Beatrix’s theme FF9)
    Maybe I’m a lion (FF8)
    Man with a machine gun (FF8)

    Okay I was going to put One winged angel here but it gets so much love and the other tracks deserve love too. The ones on my list are ones that gave me chills just listening to them, though I admit it was so hard to choose. The sound track to all ff games are memorable. =D

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  20. 1) You are not alone – FF9
    2) Cosmon Canyon – FF7
    3) Aeris’ theme – FF7
    4) Maybe I’m a lion – FF8
    5) To Zanarkand – FF10

  21. It’s hard picking just 5!

    1) Sephiroth’s theme – FFVII
    2) Maybe I’m a Lion – FFVIII
    3) Blinded by the Light – FFXIII
    4) Terra’s theme – FFVI
    5) Clash on the Big Bridge – FFV

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