VOTE! What matcha treat should I bake?

Aren’t you lucky? Two polls in a week!

I’m having a much-needed lazy weekend and thought it was about time I did some baking again! I’ll be baking something matcha-inspired (because I’m practically an addict), and taking it to work on Monday. This is part of my ongoing plan to convert everyone in the office to green tea…

All you need to do is vote on what you’d like me to bake on Sunday and you’ll be treated to a follow-up blog post…

Voting closes on Thursday!

Don’t forget to vote for your favourite Final Fantasy song while you’re at it. I’m on a quest to find the top ten songs of all time!

2 thoughts on “VOTE! What matcha treat should I bake?

  1. I saw that place the last time I was in Piccadilly and I was upset that I’d already eaten! Awesome that it’s so good – I will definitely check it out next time.

    • Okay – obviously that comment was supposed to go on the post about the ramen place. Safari for ipad hates me tonight.

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