Help make an MCM Midlands Comic Con video!

NB: Some of my earliest blogs no longer have their accompanying images but enjoy the copy!

If you’re a regular MCM expo attendee, you might already have planned to go to the Midlands Comic Con, which is held at the Telford International Centre on Saturday 16 February. If not, here are a couple of highlights to tempt you:

  • The scavenger hunt! Not much has been revealed about this yet, but if you’re on Twitter or Facebook be sure you’re either following MCM on Twitter or have liked them on Facebook because there are free prizes and tickets to be won! A fun challenge for you smart phone addicts!
  • Guests! Although not ‘Japan’ guests, there’s a pretty good line up. The highlight is Jeremy Bulloch. Who’s that? Oh, it’s only BOBA FETT FROM STAR WARS! On top of that, there are going to be some Primeval stars. Andrew Lee Potts (Connor) and Hannah Spearritt (Abby — also Hannah from S Club 7!) will presumably be racing around shooting velociraptors. Clever girl.
  • DDR! A regular feature at any MCM expo. A good chance to work out to some old school favourites, plus your regular dose of anime music.
  • Cosplay! If you’re a cosplayer, there’s a chance to show of your creations at the masquerade. The standard of costumes and performances gets better every year and there are prizes to be won – a worthwhile watch even if you don’t cosplay yourself.

Reason number 5: I’m filming a video and I need your help!

I’ll be wondering around with my camera on the day, going up to cosplayers and non-cosplayers alike to interview them! Why are you here? How long did it take to make your costume? What have you bought? and much better questions than that. Basically, I’d like to make a little video to introduce new people to the con scene and make something entertaining for the regular attendees. As someone who was once convinced that I was the only person interested in ‘geeky’ things until the age of about 17, a video like this would have made me realise much earlier on that there are hundreds/thousands of other like-minded people scattered across the UK. In my experience, they’ve all been very nice people from the get-go!

One thing to note though, I’ll be in disguise…

Yup, I’ll actually be in cosplay for once. The character is Uryuu Minene from the Mirai Nikki series – one of my favourite recent shows and by far my favourite character. So, look out for someone with an eyepatch and press pass and say hello! Either come over or I’ll come find you and film you (with permission) and give you my oh-so-smart business card so you can find the video on the blog afterwards. If you want a couple of shots of you in your cosplay to be included in the video, let me know and I’ll be happy to oblige!

If you’re interested in getting involved, please leave a message below or just come up to me on the day! Hopefully it’ll result in a fun, mad video.

See you there!

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