Top Ten Final Fantasy songs – the results!

The votes are in and you, the readers, have voted on the Top Ten Final Fantasy songs of all time. There were a few surprises in here although I expected at least three of them to make an appearance. Anyway, thank you to all of you who did vote and here are the results as chosen by you! Shocked and disgusted with some of the entries on here? Probably not, but leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts!

10) Aeris’ Theme – Final Fantasy 7

Oh, the nostalgia! Maybe people voted for this song because it was so nostalgic and – spoilers – reminiscent of one of the most memorable death scenes in Playstation gaming history. Is that an exaggeration? I don’t really care because I still like this song.

9) Theme of Love – Final Fantasy 4

I was pleased to see an early Final Fantasy game make its way into the Top Ten list. This is a rather simple tune but there’s a lovely array of instruments in here. It’s had plenty of remixes and, of course, was on the Distant Worlds orchestral programme last year. Final Fantasy 4 is my favourite Final Fantasy game of the lot and although Battle of the Four Fiends is my favourite song from that game, Theme of Love is a close second.

8) Melodies of Life – Final Fantasy 9

The first Final Fantasy song on the list with lyrics to it. I’ve not played Final Fantasy 9 so can’t really comment on this one too much, although I know a lot of people who really loved playing it back in the day.  It’s a lot better than that other lyrical Final Fantasy love song that preceded it *coughcough*

7) Maybe I’m a Lion – Final Fantasy 8

HUH! DRUMS. MANLY. FIGHTING. Final Fantasy 8 seems to have a bad rep among some Final Fantasy fan bases but this is the first action-packed tune on this list and I like it. In fact, this is the only Final Fantasy 8 song that made the Top Ten so think of Maybe I’m a Lion as the tune that makes the game.

6) Cosmo Canyon – Final Fantasy 7

I didn’t expect this one to get many votes at first, mainly because I’d forgotten about it! That said, it is brilliant. I love how the flute and drums give this tune an almost tribal theme. One of the best Final Fantasy 7 songs for sure.

5) You Are Not Alone – Final Fantasy 9

The second Final Fantasy 9 song! I’ve not played this game so can’t comment on why it seems to be so popular although I quite like it. Maybe it’s nostalgia, maybe it’s because it plays at one of the most emotional parts of the game? Anyway, we’re in the top half of the list now, so enjoy.

4) Suteki da ne – Final Fantasy 10

Another song with lyrics and, honestly, I’m really surprised this made its way so far up the list. I played Final Fantasy 10 and personally would have picked other songs from the game but, of course, I didn’t vote in this! Again, it’s a nice song but I wouldn’t call it great… sorry!

3) Terra’s Theme – Final Fantasy 6

Yeah, top three! I’ve not played Final Fantasy 6 but I’ve heard Terra’s Theme and love it. Much better than Aeris’ Theme, as proven by the voting here, and slightly eerie. I love the flute in this and clearly a lot of you do too!

2) One Winged Angel – Final Fantasy 7

OH MY GOD SEPHIROTH’S THEME DIDN’T MAKE NUMBER ONE IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD! Also, I can put my hipster glasses back on and say One Winged Angel is mainstream because it made its way to number 2. This song is dramatic, operatic and really puts the pressure on when you’re fighting Sephiroth at the end of Final Fantasy 7. I have to admit, I love this song.

1) To Zanarkand – Final Fantasy 10

I have a feeling not everyone will like the fact that a Final Fantasy 10 song made it to number one because it’s too ‘recent’ by Final Fantasy songs… plus it beat the famous One Winged Angel by a couple of votes. Personally, I love To Zanarkand and it’s one of those song that can move me to tears. Anyway, listen to your winning song and post your reactions to the list below!

The People’s Choice Award

I was curious which game had the greatest number of songs put forward by the voters in an attempt to work out the game with ‘the best music’. It turned out to be a tie between Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 8. So, according to popular vote, these Final Fantasy games have the best tunes of all time. They get an imaginary joint rosette as a reward.

So, that was the Top Ten Final Fantasy songs as voted by the blog readers! Please post below and share your thoughts. Are you disgusted by some of the choices? Which songs are missing? Which song do you like best out of this list? Did Zanarkand rob Sephiroth of his rightful place? Am I over-reacting a little bit?

8 thoughts on “Top Ten Final Fantasy songs – the results!

  1. The only shock result here is that you haven’t played Final Fantasy 9. I rank this as the best of the Final Fantasy games, as the pacing, plot, characters and even the graphics (it was PS1!) were phenomenal. But some cool songs there that I forgot about in the voting, nostalgia time!

  2. Okay, this is an interesting list. Being a less-than-closet fan of FFVIII, I was surprised that some of the battle themes didn’t make it further up the list. I have a soft spot for ‘The Man with the Machine Gun’, and I was sure that ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ would feature somewhere on the list – if only for being The Battle Theme in 5/4 Time.

    Also, I was surprised that FFIX’s Vamo Alla Flamenco wasn’t here – it usually makes an appearance on the lists; the series’ theme also needs a little more love.

    By the way, have you heard Hyadain’s lyrics for the FF Theme? I think they deserve a mention, because they encapsulate a lot of the feelings that define this not-so-final franchise.

    Good entry of the blog, in case you needed telling!

    • Don’t be Afraid admittedly is a great tune. I love the orchestral remix and I think it got one or two votes, as did Vamo Alla Flamenco. I think I might share Hyadain at some stage, that is pretty amazing stuff!

  3. You Are Not Alone does play during one of the best moments in FFIX. And the reason why it’s one of the best moments is because You Are Not Alone is so great!

    Good list – though no Liberi Fatali =(

  4. Have to agree – you seriously need to make every effort to play FF9! Easily one of the best FFs!

    I think the list is quite accurate, to be honest. I ended up voting for the more emotional, calmer songs, rather than the loud and fast battle songs. I think they’re the ones that hit me harder and stay in my mind, so I appreciate them for being able to have that effect.

    Anyway, this was a good fun, so thanks!

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