Back from MCM Midlands Comic Con

So, I’m back from MCM Midlands Comic Con and have to say I really enjoyed it! I got a lot of filming done and photos taken throughout the day, and had front row seats at the cosplay masquerade so am pleased with what I got from that. The video will be up as soon as it is done – which might be two weeks or so with work and anything else I  have going on.

There are a couple of special mentions I’d like to make to keep you tied over until then:

  • The girl who sang Bad Apple on stage in the masquerade. I didn’t catch her name but I think it’s pretty brave to get up and sing in front of a crowd and sing – even harder if you’re singing in Japanese!
  • The awesome Godot (Phoenix Wright series) cosplayer. Not only was his costume fantastic but he put up with me saying ‘can I film you shouting OBJECTION?’ followed shortly by ‘Oh wait, I didn’t get it! Can you do it again please?’
  • Hannah, Dando and Stephanie (aka The Avengers cosplayers) who I spent most of the day with and were lovely people!
  • Tiffany and Freddie, who accompanied me to the Telford shopping centre when the cash point in the convention hall broke just as I got to the front of the queue…
  • My amazing friend, Laura, who put me up for the night and subjected me to two hours of Phoenix Wrong footage
  • Everyone who let me film/photograph them – you’ll all be going in the video!

Coming up next week… I’ve been keeping this quiet for weeks and have probably busted something in the process. There will be a very special interview going up very soon! Curious? Then make sure you subscribe!

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