MCM Midlands Comic Con video!

Here it is, as promised, the MCM Midlands Comic Con video!

As you can see from the video I got most of my filming done at the masquerade, even though I took a LOT of photos on the day. Unfortunately I also took a couple of out-of-focus shots in the rush of things, so sorry if you are wondering why you aren’t in the video if you were in the masquerade or think I might have taken a photo of you on the day.

Anyway, if you DO see yourself in this and would like a copy of the photos or footage, please drop me an email on and I can get those across to you.

Also, if you have never been to an MCM event and are now thinking ‘ooh, this looks interesting’, the good news is that the next one takes place in Birmingham 16-17 March. For a full list of all their events, check their main website here!

The ‘production’ of this video actually took a lot of faffing around and me talking to myself like a mad woman, praying Windows Movie Maker wouldn’t crash as it is usually inclined to do so.

If you were at MCM and this is your first time coming across the blog, I hope you enjoy looking around and subscribe for more!

Next week: what do Richard III and manga have in common? Find out next week in a special interview…

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