Results! The Top Ten Ace Attorney tunes

The results are in for the latest video game music poll! For those of you who don’t know, Ace Attorney (or Gyakuten Saiban, in Japanese) is a video game series for the Nintendo DS about… well, lawyers. And yet it works so well. If I ever had to introduce someone to the Nintendo DS, I’d throw all the Ace Attorney games at them and send them away. There are five games released to date in the west (six in Japan, but we didn’t get the latest one translated) and Japan is expecting the long-awaited Gyakuten Saiban 5 on the 3DS this summer. Fortunately, that is getting translated!

Anyway, this is my favourite Japanese video game series of all time, which is why I decided to celebrate its music! The ‘cases’ are addictive, dark, amusing and there are some fantastic characters to boot. If you haven’t already, buy the first game and try it out! If you have played all the games, you’re fantastic. Either way, hopefully you’ll all like the tunes that made the Top Ten!

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