One month ’til Hyper Japan!

NB: Some of my earliest blogs no longer have their accompanying images but enjoy the copy!

One of the UK’s biggest celebration of Japanese culture will be hitting London again next month Friday 26th to Sunday 28th July, so I thought I’d do a round-up of what’s going on and tempt a few more of you to go along! Whether you’re into Japanese food, music, anime, cosplay or martial arts, there’s something for everyone at HYPER JAPAN. There may well be more announcements made in the next few weeks but, assuming the majority of you will need to plan train journeys and book tickets online, I thought I’d give you the low down (as much as I can) now!

There’s no full schedule available yet but I will update this post as soon as it’s up! You can check out the provisional one here.

Sushi Awards 2013

Personally, my favourite part of HYPER JAPAN! The Eat-Japan Sushi Awards are back again for Hyper Japan, with five Japanese restaurants in the UK battling it out to win Sushi of the Year. You’ll need to buy a separate ticket from the main event but it’s well worth it, as these sushi really are works of art… and delicious too!

Geisha guest

Are you fascinated by the mystique of geisha? Want to meet and speak with one in person and learn what it’s like to actually be a geisha? Sayuki, the first Westerner to formally debut as a geisha, and three of her geisha sisters, will be performing and giving a talk at HYPER JAPAN.

Traditional folk music

Minyo means folk song, and for many people in Japan, tunes from this genre conjure up nostalgia for one’s hometown and family. Showcasing this lovely and emotive traditional style of music will be Hibiki Ichikawa(Tsugaru Shamisen), Koji Kishida(Shinobue) and Akari Mochizuki(Vocal) as well as Hibiki’s students and Tomoya Nose(Percussion).

Crazy pop performances!

There have been two great performances confirmed for HYPER JAPAN so far! Have some videos to go with them…

SIRO-A! Just watch this video and tell me you’re not intrigued…

Yun*Chi! Remember Kyaru Pamyu Pamyu? If you like you’re cute/weird Japanese music, you’re in luck!

Makeover time!

Ever wondered what it would be like to wear full Japanese street style make-up? Wish you knew the secrets to creating a beautiful Lolita or gyaru style look, or something even more spectacular? The Tokyo Style Transformation Area will be there to make your J-style dreams come true! There will be three dedicated zones in this Area, which will be as follows; the Tokyo Beauty Package zone, Wigs & Costume Capers and finally the Photo zone; capture your J-Fashion moment and Vogue it up in front of the atmospheric backdrop to make a lasting souvenir of your awesome Tokyo look!

Tokyo Fashion Story

This fashion show will aim to enlighten you on the many fun, sassy and cool genres of Tokyo’s street styles. HYPER JAPAN is looking for both male and female fashionistas from all over the UK to participate in this fashion story! If you think this could be you, download an application form  here. Applications close Friday 5th July!

Cosplay competition

Do you cosplay yourself, or just like checking out the amazing costumes on stage?

The UK Preliminary for ECG 2014 will take place on Saturday, 27th July 2013 at HYPER JAPAN. The ECG final will take place at Japan Expo in Paris, France. Japan Expo is the largest pop-culture event in Europe, with over 200,000 visitors and dozens of guests from the world of anime, video games, movies and comics. HYPER JAPAN will be sending one solo cosplayer and one group on an all-expenses paid trip to Japan Expo to represent the UK at the ECG final in July 2014!

Not so competitive? The COSParade is a chance for experienced and beginner cosplayers to show off their costumes on the HYPER JAPAN stage! Simply strut your stuff on our catwalk, and we’ll be dishing out prizes for the best costumes.

Cosplay guest – Wizard Wand

Visit Wizard Wand‘s booth at the show and find out more about this cosplay community from Japan! HYPER JAPAN are planning some fun cosplay activities together too (to be announced very soon)!

ITK Robotics returns…

Crowd favourites ITK will be returning to give you a glimpse of the gadgets that could be appearing in your home in the future.

Story time!

Rakugo, the Japanese art of comic storytelling, is coming to the Main Stage!  Diane Kichijitsu will be ready to tickle your funny bones with her hilarious and ingeniously enacted English language Rakugo stories!

Sumo run!

Now you too can experience the grace, power and athleticism of these titans yourself, and raise money to boot, by participating in the annual Sumo Run! As well as raising lots of money for a worthy cause, the event has previously set a Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people running in Sumo Suits.

Phew, I think I’ve covered enough there! Head over to the HYPER JAPAN website and get your tickets! It’s going to be a good one!

Photo credits: Diverse Japan, The Daily Telegraph, Hyper Japan

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