Interview with the Anime UK podcast girls!

NB: Some of my earliest blogs no longer have their accompanying images but enjoy the copy!

Do you like all things anime? Well, you’re in luck. A few months ago, four geeky girls got together and started recording The Anime UK Show. I’ve been listening to the show for a few weeks now (it’s perfect for listening to on long train journeys or pottering around the house) so posed some questions to the voices behind it; Aisha, Alex, Harriet and Orun! I really recommend checking out The Anime UK Show if you like… well, anime and everything else related, obviously! There’s nothing quite like it in the UK.

You can listen to the podcasts on We Are Arcade and Youtube, like the show on Facebook and follow it on Twitter!

First things first, what is the Anime UK Show?

Four girls chatting about anime, manga, video games and geeky culture. We tend to discuss either four to six new animes a week or do features on movies or genres. We then talk generally about what we’re playing currently and all things Otaku in the news. Lastly we answer questions from the listeners whether it be about events we’ve attended or our favourite anime characters.

Who are the four girls behind the podcast? How did you all meet?

Our Producer Big boss (Arcade Radio’s Dan) is to thank for that. He brought us together from all the corners of South East London to form a unique show. We did a meet up in Camden Cafe in Croydon, talked over milkshakes & paninis and instantly gelled. Ouran we found at the local comic shop and joined our galavantings later.

Where did the idea for an anime podcast come from?

There just isn’t one in the UK. Look all you want but they are all game based and there’s nothing exclusively for the anime fans. So we banded together to bring all things Otaku to the country and maybe even the world …mwah ha ha ha ! We just love anime! For all of us it holds a special place in our hearts and we love to share that passion with others.

Describe a typical podcast episode! How exactly do you manage to talk about anime for an hour every week?

We are up for whatever Japan has to throw at us. We watch up to 6 new anime shows a week and some of us carry on watching previous shows we took a fancy to. Watch, describe and discuss. We voice our honest opinions and debates ensue.

We actually go over an hour when talking, Our big boss does the work to turn our chat down to one hour. We all love what we chat about so it’s easy to go a bit mad and talk for hours about it all. When we start though we do chat a lot before to make sure we don’t steal each other’s news and it then turns into a longer chat with Big Boss telling us off for not telling him to record our banter.

We also give the latest anime/gaming news and answer people’s questions.

What have been your personal highlights from the show so far?

Aisha: Ouran’s entrance –  it was refreshing to have a Games Designer on the team. She looked at anime differently and gave us an extra perspective. Also I proceeded to get her name wrong countless times and our producer decided to add my mess up at the end which made the show that much more hilarious.

Alex: For me personally, it would have to be the first show. After meeting up with everyone I was really nervous about talking with people I had only met once. But we all had the same feeling and we chatted for ages afterwards.

Harriet: I’ve really enjoyed doing the interviews of the guests we have had so far! Both of them were amazing to do as they were epic guests. Also I love recording with the everyone each week.

Orun: I’ve really do enjoy Question Time the most. Thinking on your feet is always fun, even if I forget names sometimes. I also enjoyed the first episode a lot! And the meet ups!

Let’s talk logistics! How do you record an episode? What equipment do you use?

We all join together for a group call on Skype each week, Big Boss records all of us and edits it all afterwards. I use a laptop and a headset/microphone combi during recording.

What kind of guests have appeared on the podcast so far? Who would be your dream guest on the show?

Aisha: So far we’ve interviewed some top cosplayers as well as the manliest Brony Dusty_kat amongst others. I’d love to interview a voice actor – Brad Swaile has always been a personal favourite of mine.

Alex: My dream guest would have to be any manga producer/writer/artist really. We aren’t that well known yet so It would be cool if we got big enough to interview Murata of Eyesheild21.

Harriett: So far we have had cosplayers (Alias Cosplay, LittleGeeky Cosplay and TigerLily Cosplay) and Bronies (DustyKat, Moon, Screwball and Greetings) join us for the podcasts. I would love to have a Let’s Player from YouTube join us for a future podcast as Alex and myself do love a Let’s Play!

Orun: If I could choose someone to be a guest Phil LaMarr. He has been one of my favorite  voice actors for a long time now.

What plans do you have for the podcast in the future? Are you covering any special events?

Aisha: Why, of course. Harriet and I have already attended MCM. Hyper Japan & Eurogamer are next on the hit list, where we’ll be coming in full cosplay of course, so catch us if you can!

Alex: We all go to different events, Harriet and Aisha went to Expo this year and hopefully they will be coming to Hyperjapan with me. While Orun got to go to DragonCon in the USA which I so hope we can go to next time. I’ve never been to an American con before. ಥ_ಥ

Harriet: We have a few special podcasts in the next few months. Hyper Japan will be out next event we will cover as Aisha, Alex and myself will be going to it. I will be attending Ayacon in August and will cover that convention.

Orun I am not sure about special events, we probably will cover ones that we go to next!

A final question for each of you: what’s your favourite thing about Japan?

Aisha: Just one?! No fair, there is so much to choose from. I’d say fashion, as on the whole Japan is where you can be from any fashion movement or make one of your own and do your thing and not be hassled about it. Harajuku is the place, to sit and be adored by people like you are a piece of art. Everyone is different, Japan definitely embraces that.

Alex: My favourite has to be…The shrines. Just after visiting Japan and seeing the people in shrines doing christening and weddings was fantastic. The traditional outfits were fantastic and everyone was really friendly. it felt really comforting walking around the Meiji shrine that I didn’t want to leave. Japans Culture is so different to ours that I just can’t help but fall in love with it.

Harriett: I love everything about Japan! From the culture to the people, from the anime/manga to the shops. I would love to go there one day and explore as much as I can whilst there.

Orun: My favourite thing about Japan is probably the food. I would say something else more prolific but I think it’s because I am hungry right now.

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