New mascot!

NB: Some of my earliest blogs no longer have their accompanying images but enjoy the copy!

Say ‘hello’ to the blog’s new mascot! A massive thanks to the-dazhrak-lady, who was the winner of the blog’s first every competition way back when – the original mascot competition! Now that the blog’s two years old, I thought it was time for a change and asked her to design another and she kindly obliged! I hope you all like it!

No prizes for guessing who my favourite samurai is…

This week’s post is quite short, for reasons I am about to explain, but I have an announcement first. The blog will now be updated every Tuesday. I’ve been quite sporadic in posting over the last few months, so now you know when to expect content! You can still hit that ‘subscribe’ button on the right, though!

OK, so it might not be an especially big announcement but it’s building up to my next point… I’m writing a book! A fantasy book, in fact, so I’m working very hard on that at the moment and will hopefully have a first draft completed at the end of this year.

Don’t worry, I still love blogging and have no intention of stopping! I just love writing too much!

Next week, we’ll be visiting an amazing Japanese restaurant in London. Post your guesses below!

2 thoughts on “New mascot!

  1. That sounds great. I’m the same. I write novels and try to write my blog too but it can be overwhelming. I don’t want to give up either tho. Good mascot too. Looks like Masamune Date. Are you in Sendai?

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