Weird Japanese snacks

NB: Some of my earliest blogs no longer have their accompanying images but enjoy the copy!

It’s the blog sequel you’ve all been waiting for! From the makers of Weird Japanese Drinks comes Weird Japanese Snacks. Let’s kick things off with some super weird stuff…

Boob job gum

Yep, they have boob job juice AND boob job gum. I’m not sure what’s in this, but I’m fairly certain it doesn’t work either way. Unless this is the chewy version of the contraceptive pill…

Sweet sweat gum

I think all that bishounen anime must have had an adverse effect on what men are expected to smell like. Roses, apparently. This gum apparently likes your sweat smell like roses. Assuming it does, that surely can’t be good for you and is full of nasty chemicals.

Penis enlargement gum

I’m pretty sure I get a lot of spam emails about this sort of thing. Again, I’m pretty sure this stuff wouldn’t work.

Jellyfish candy

Echizen Kuruge is jellyfish-caramel candy. Doesn’t sound appetising? Don’t worry – there’s a cookie version. That apparently makes it better!

Burger candy

Burger flavoured hard candies. I really don’t need to elaborate on this one…


This sweet is pretty normal in taste and there’s plenty like it in England – it’s the fact that it sounds like the least sexy part of the body imaginable…

Lamb caramels

There is no logical reason why this should exist!

Canned bread

If there was one thing that didn’t need to be canned, it was probably bread. Of course, you can buy these in vending machines in Japan, so if you’re rushing to work and forgot to have your toast… I suppose you could have this if you really wanted to.

Meat ice cream

This is by far the craziest one in my opinion. Notice that one of those flavours is HORSE?

This week’s post is very short and sweet, as I’ve been on the flat hunt again and have had next to no free time after work! I hope you’ve enjoyed the ‘weird’ mini blog series, and there might be more in the future!

Next week: I’ll be reporting back from a new Japanese art exhibition!

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