The Evolution of MCM – video time!

Back in October 2013 I went to MCM Comic Con in London on a Sunday. I took a lot of footage from the masquerade, popped it on my laptop and had some fun editing it… then pretty much forgot to finish it. OK, so I knew I had to finish it and kept meaning to go back to it but work, book writing and life itself were jostling to get in my way. I have a schedule to last me until April, you’ll be glad to know!

Anyway, ta-da! Here’s your video!

I’ve been going to MCM events on and off since I was 17 and my first ‘expo’ pretty much initiated me into official Japanese geekdom. While my love for Japanese things has thankfully expanded beyond anime and video games, this is pretty much where it all started. Over time, MCM Expo became MCM Comic Con and I was never really sure why. How did MCM begin? Why did the name change? I put these questions to the helpful guys at the MCM team and hope you nerds will learn something new about “that weird event with all the people in costumes”, as my mum calls it.

When was the first MCM? How many attendees were there? Who were the original organising team behind it?

The first MCM was announced in 2001 and held May 2002. It was attended by 16,000 people. The original founding partners were Paul Miley and Bryan Cooney.

When did MCM start to get really big and popular?

MCM was always a popular show but the major growth start in May 2005 with the addition of new areas, including Anime, Manga, Cosplay and Video Games.

Why did MCM Expo become MCM Comic Con?

The original title was London Expo which did not express what the show was about, it adapted to London MCM Expo, MCM Movie Comic Media, this evolved from 2009 to Incorporate Comic Con in its title as the final transition to a brand identity the fits the modern popular culture show that MCM has become.

Who have been some of your top guests over the years?

Danny DeVito, Bill Paxton, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Ben Barnes, Warwick Davis.

What would you say have been the biggest changes in MCM?

The expansion of the MCM Brand as MCM Comic Con and new regional shows.

What next for MCM? 

MCM will be developing new shows and growing its position as the UK’s Comic Con


Next week – I’ll be reporting back on what I saw at the Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme!

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