And the winner is…


Who is the lucky winner of two tickets to HYPER JAPAN on Sunday 27th July?

*drum roll*




Congratulations, Charlotte! Check your inbox for details of how to claim your prize. Thanks very much to everyone who entered – if I could have given you all tickets, I would have. Also, big thanks to the guys at HYPER JAPAN for providing tickets.

If you’re yet to organise your trip to HYPER JAPAN, here are a couple of very good reasons to persuade you:

I’ve just picked out a few things from the impressive schedule, so have a browse of the website and see what takes your fancy. I’ve always enjoyed HYPER JAPAN and there’s always something different to see/try/eat every time, so you should really get your skates on and book your tickets.

I’d love to go this year but academic duty calls. Come August, I’ll have handed in my diploma so will return properly to the world of blogging.

All that’s left to say is – have fun!

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