6 Japanese restaurants for £60!


That’s £10 for a meal per restaurant! Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not!

This year’s London Restaurant Festival, a city wide celebration of eating out, presents “Japanese Journey”. For £60 (plus a £3.30 booking fee), you can visit six of London’s best ramen bars, sushi restaurants and Japanese izakayas in one day. You will enjoy a range of specialist Japanese dishes and Suntory whisky highball drinks (a refreshing blend of whisky, soda and ice – perfect with this food). There is no better nor authentic way to experience the variety of a wonderful nation’s cuisine.

Venues confirmed so far are Tonkotsu, Shoryu Soho, Kurobuta, Sticks ‘n’ Sushi, Kanada-Ya – one more still to be confirmed. The event is sponsored by Suntory Whiskey, which will also be offering special cocktails to accompany the Japanese Journey.

The Japanese journey is running on three different days: Saturday 11 October, Saturday 18 October and Saturday 25 October. So, why not persuade a friend to go with you and sample some of London’s best Japanese delights? £10 per restaurant works out to be a very good deal!

You can also explore the rest of the London Restaurant Festival website to see what other events take your fancy!

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