Siro-A are back in town! You may remember I blogged about a fantastic performance taking place at Leicester Square Theatre in London last year called Siro-A. The only way I can describe it is the most mind-blowing and often hilarious light/dance/techno/special effects show I’ve ever seen. The very good news is that Siro-A has returned to London for a third time and, whether or not you’ve seen or even heard of them before, they’re not to be missed. Siro-A combines theatrical performance with experimental music and dramatic visual effects, although frankly this description doesn’t do this show justice. I can say for certain that it’s like nothing you’ll have ever seen on a London stage before. Through dance, mime and puppetry, Siro-A draw their audience right into their performance. So, if you step through the doors and one of the performers try and get you over to a suspicious looking photo booth, just go with it. I won’t tell you why as it’ll spoil the surprise… Siro-A’s one hour show is a mixture of mind-blowing dance sequences, comedy acts and audience participation. A British audience probably won’t expect a camera to be tuned on them or for their own faces to be suddenly used in the show. Be warned, you might get chosen! As a semi-regular theatre goer, the actors really broke the fourth wall and did something completely different. The younger audience members loved it but I think it was a bit of a shock to some of the more serious older members. In my opinion, the amazing techno dance sequences were my favourite part of the show but each act is completely different. There are both group and solo performances, so you get to see each of the six individual guy’s talents. SIRO-A61-950x633 Having seen Siro-A last year, I was a bit worried I’d be watching more or less the same show as last year. Amazingly, most of the material was brand new and even more advanced and insane than ever. The best new performance for me was the ‘movie tribute’ (feat. Disney’s Frozen!) but the good old fashioned favourites like ‘Barcode Man’ remained. The show is over all too quickly in just one hour but it really is worth every penny. Plus, you can grab dinner beforehand in China Town. What’s not to like? Siro-A are performing more or less every day in London until 11 January 2015, so you’ve got no excuse not to go! This is one of those rare spectacles you rarely see in England, so click here to buy your tickets now!

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