#NanNoWriMo November blog special!

Seeing as November is National Novel Writing Month aka #NaNoWriMo, this blog is going to be all about books this month!

Assuming you’ve been online in the last several years, you’ll know thousands of budding writers take on the NaNoWriMo challenge each November: write a book in a month! Doesn’t sound easy, does it? Every year I have some excuse or another for not taking part but have a pretty good one this year – I recently sent off the book I’ve been working on for the last two years to agents! So, instead, there’ll be a book review on the blog every week for the whole of November.

For more information on NaNoWriMo click here, and good luck if you’re entering!

Check back early next week (or subscribe!) for the first book review!

5 thoughts on “#NanNoWriMo November blog special!

    • Hmm, I hadn’t considered it but thanks for asking! At the moment, I don’t have plans to blog about my own writing as I tend not to blog about myself but if there is any demand I might post the two-line pitch on here at least! The book is,in a nutshell, a YA fantasy series set in a Japan-inspired world 🙂

      • I’m always on the lookout for well-researched Japanese-inspired novels. The language butchering in Stormdancer traumatized me D:

        (Apparently I cannot edit my previous comment, so pardon the double-reply.)

    • I’ve just looked up Shadows on the Moon and really want to read it now! The book’s not meant to be set ‘in’ Japan but it’s taken a lot of inspiration from the mythology, culture etc. If I have time I might do a little blog post about it at the end of the month!

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