HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market 2014: The Lowdown

Finally, a Christmas-related blog post, and it’s only three days away! The HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market took place last month and, to go with the video I made a few weeks ago, here’s a low-down of some of my favourite stores I visited over the weekend. There were loads of amazing stalls and no shortage of things to buy for Christmas, but I’ve limited it to just a few to keep this post short and sweet, and because it’s Christmas so your reading attention span is understandably limited.

Kikuya Kanzashi 3337820_orig I didn’t have any decent photos from the Kikuya Kanzashi stall, even though I bought one for a friend as a Christmas present (and I also want to get one myself), so here’s a photo from the seller’s website! The shop designs and makes traditional Japanese tsumami kanzashi hair ornaments inspired by those worn by the maiko and geiko of Kyoto. These would make brilliant gifts for birthdays as well as Christmas!

MeowMeow Cookie P1030323 MeowMeow Cookie is a new venture by a west London-based Japanese baker who loves baking and cats! The money raised from sales of these cookies goes to animal charities and they’re very tasty. You can order these in sets and there’s lots of choice (kung fu, sumo), so perfect for parties!

Iron Kitchen: Iwachu Teapots Japan  P1030388 Iron Kitchen sell imported cast iron teapots, perfect for Japanese tea. I really liked the sleek design of their teapots so obviously had to get some photos. The IWACHU firm from Morioka in the Tohoku region in Northern Japan has been the largest producer of cast iron teapots and kitchenware in Japan for more than 100 years.

Mayamada thumbnail-600x-shrink Two engineers turned the Japanese kanji ‘kai’ upside down and into an anime-inspired clothing brand, Mayamada! Mayamada is set in a fantasy TV network filled with an all-star animal cast. It started with t-shirts and now also encompasses hats, comics, and it keeps growing! The guys at the stall were very friendly and cool, so go check out their shop!

WindyBank Bonsai P1030337 Based in Surrey, WindyBank Bonsai have been trading and importing high quality Bonsai from Japan for thirty years. There were so many tress on display at HYPER JAPAN and I was sorely tempted to take one home. Maybe next year? I didn’t get the name of all of the stalls I stopped to take photos at, so enjoy this slideshow! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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