Lunch at Tsunami

In my never-ending quest to convince everyone I know that Japanese cusine is supreme, I went to Tsunami’s restaurant in Clapham with my boyfriend just before Christmas. Living in London, I always have an eye out for a bargain, and Tsunami’s set lunch menu on a Sunday (two courses for £15) meant I immediately had to put it on my ‘to dine’ list.

I’ll get on to the food shortly but I have to quickly mention Tsunami’s interior. This is a very classy-looking restaurant but is blissfully affordable, so is ideal for both families, friends, couples, and any other category you can think of. We were actually the first ones in but it quickly filled up with people in the time we were there, and I imagine it’s a lovely place to go in the evening as well. Of course, we were here for the lunch menu, so let’s take a look at that.

For starters, we went with the Japanese tempura tiger prawns and shu mai (steamed dumplings filled with snow crab and prawns), which were both delicious and didn’t remain on the table for long. I also had jasmine tea, served in cute little jasmine cups.

Sticking to the set menu, we both went with sizzling teriyaki dishes – salmon and chicken. I’m really not exaggerating when I say the sauce was divine – whatever the chefs put in it was amazing. Don’t believe me? I ate all my vegetables as well because they were swimming in said wonderful sauce. Believe it or not, that’s a personal achievement. And, of course, these dishes were literally sizzling and came with miso soup and rice, so our stomachs were pretty full.

Of course, a full stomach won’t stop me reaching for the dessert menu. The set menu only includes starter and main course, but one look at the amazing dessert menu and I knew I had to have something else. Most of the desserts are rather unusual ones you won’t have seen anywhere else, so they are worth trying. The dessert menu seems to have changed since I last went but I’m 99% certain I had a yuzu panacotta – again, delicious and oh-so sweet.

photo (24)
I really recommend you check out either Tsunami’s Clapham or West End branches next time you’re in London. There’s so much choice on their menu but the set menu is a sensible option for the most cost-efficient diners. You might recall Tsunami won the Sushi Awards in 2012 for its fantastic Dragon Roll, which is of course on the menu!

Great news, Tsunami also do takeaway and a good number of deals, so head over to their website and check them out.

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