Following the trends at Shackfuyu

If you thought Japanese food in England was starting to taste a bit ‘samey’ (not that I’ll ever get bored of sushi, donburi etc), head over to Shackfuyu in Soho in London as soon as you can! This pop-up restaurant is the latest venture by the Bone Daddies group and is open until next winter and will totally challenge your perception of Japanese food.

Everything about the menu here is zany and at first the roaring stone pizza oven might make you think you’re in for an Italian night, but this is actually just where all the food is prepared. Shackfuyu doesn’t serve ‘traditional’ Japanese food as such but is actually following the foodie ‘fusion’ trends in Japan. If you’re looking for something totally different, you won’t be disappointed.

With so many unusual things on the menu, I did my duty as a blogger and tried as much as possible so I could tell you what’s the best of the best.

First of all, the drinks. I recommend the bottled cocktails. My flatmate went with Ringo Starr (gin, sake, apple juice) and I tried the Bone Daddies Punch (rum, fresh passionfruit, pineapple juice). The punch is very fruity and sweet – great if you have a sweet tooth. Of course, we also had sake (Japanese rice wine) – the one we went for had a strong kick to it, which is the whole point of sake, and warm.

Moving on to the food – we have an early contender for restaurant of the year on this blog! Every dish is completely unique and nothing tastes the same. For starters, we shared the yellowtail sashimi tostada (definitely a first for me and worked very well), scallops in chilli miso butter and endive and pear salad. I normally wouldn’t rave about salad but this one was genuinely delicious and complimented the rest of the food perfectly. If you only go with one starter though, the scallops are an absolute winner! I’ll be returning just to order more of those.

When it comes to the mains… meat! We ordered prawn toast masquearding as okonomiyaki (Japanese pancakes), USDA beef picanha and beef hot stone rice. We did ask the waiter if we’d ordered too much beef and the answer was a definite ‘no’. I’m glad we didn’t change our order because, oh my gosh, it was all amazing and the plates were completely cleaned. The okonomiyaki-cum-prawn toast tasted remarkably like okonomiyaki and was all arranged to look just like the real thing, the beef picanha is quite possibly the best meat I’ve ever eaten in London, and the beef hot stone rice was hot and sizzling and flavoursome.

Even if you’re full after all that amazing food, you have got to try the dessert – kinako French toast with matcha Mr Whippy-style ice cream! We couldn’t quite finish off the French toast but it was so sweet and moreish.

The menu rotates regularly at Shackfuyu, so there’s a good excuse to visit regularly! The new dishes will be announced on social media (Facebook) (Twitter) and the website – very 21st century indeed.

Shackfuyu is definitely a one-of-a-kind Japanese restaurant in London and hands down recommend it to any foodies. I’ll definitely be taking more friends back there and it’s a new firm favourite place of mine.


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