Mata ne (see you later)!



How exciting, this is my last blog post before my friend Oana and I embark on a trip around Japan! I’ve been saving up for a ‘big blow out’ holiday like this since I graduated and, when I first met Oana back in freshers’ week, we somehow knew one day we would cross the pond! This will be my third time to Japan and Oana’s first but we’re both ridiculously excited!

So, you can look forward to a lot of holiday-themed blog posts in the next few weeks. We’ll be travelling around Tokyo, Sendai, Kyoto, Osaka and Kanazawa, and bring you specials such as…

  • Cat cafes
  • Deer
  • Samurai
  • Shrines and temples
  • Food, glorious food
  • Shinkansen
  • Cherry blossoms
  • Hopefully lots of unexpected things!

So, this is a pretty good excuse for a blog hiatus. We’ll report back in a couple of weeks (I’ve already roped Oana into being a guest blogger)!

See you soon!

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