Get in my belly! Flesh and Buns restaurant review

I’d been looking for a good excuse to visit Flesh and Buns for ages, so when my boyfriend finished the economics exam from hell we headed straight on down. This lively downstairs restaurant, part of the Bone Daddies group, is just off Covent Garden in London and is perfect for a dinner out with friends or a celebration. The staff are friendly and food and cocktails are delicious.

Flesh and Buns is more Asian fusion than traditional Japanese restaurant, and there’ll be something on the menu to suit everyone’s tastes. For starters, we went with the Korean fried wings – an absolute must – and tuna sashimi. The sauce drizzled over the wings is absolutely heavenly – just the right level of spicy – and we went at them like cannibals. Maybe not the best thing to eat there if you’re on a first date, but they really are delicious.

The thing to really go for at Flesh and Buns is the signature hirata buns – aka the ‘flesh and buns’. The flesh is the meaty filling – everything from pork belly to wagyu rump steak to miso grilled aubergine – and the buns are the doughy hirata buns. We went for the teriyaki salmon and crispy duck leg. The salmon was absolutely heavenly and I ate mine so fast I only just remembered to take a photo of the buns right at the end. Definitely, definitely, get the salmon teriyaki!

We were pretty full after two starters and mains (I’d actually recommend one starter and two flesh and buns) but of course we went for not one but two desserts. The s’mores will satisfy your inner child as you get to melt those marshmallows over a little flame but the yuzu tart with white chocolate ice cream and chocolate mochi is sweet and not quite as heavy if that’s more your thing. By the time you’re done, you will have to roll back home.

To round a very delicious meal off, I had a plum sake-tini, which was sharp and sweet. The only thing left to mention about Flesh and Buns is their rather bizarre toilets, whose walls are plastered with hentai. Yep, you read that right. I’m actually amazed the restaurant managed to get away with this, given how we’re obviously not in Japan and Brits are generally a bit more shocked by these things. The toilets are worth a trip but maybe not for the little kiddies.

As you can probably guess, I absolutely loved Flesh and Buns and I’ll definitely be going back. It’s a great place to go if you’re out celebrating something… and make sure you arrive with an empty stomach!




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