Why is blogging so great?

Pic: japanpowered.com

Pic: japanpowered.com

Anime August is coming to an end on the blog, so it makes sense to round things off with a blog about blogging itself! I explained at the beginning of month that Sophie’s Japan Blog is four years old this August, which was why I went for a ‘theme’ of Anime August, to celebrate one of the first things that sparked my interest in Japan. Blogging’s been a lot of fun for me and I plan to keep doing it for the foreseeable future, and I keep telling people that they should join the blogger fray. So, here are my four reasons why blogging is so great… and why you should start it too!

  1. It’s fun. If you feel like you’re just rolling between school/uni/work and home with little in between, blogging gives you a surprising sense of purpose. You do have to be quite disciplined to keep a regular schedule (whether that’s once a week or every day) but once your blog’s started to build up with content, ideas and followers, you’ll want to stick at it. If you love writing and creating things, blogging is a great thing to do. Plus, it can look very good on your CV when it comes to job-hunting.
  2. You’ll meet lots of news people. Whether it’s other bloggers (there’s quite a network of us), industry representatives or even famous people, you’ll make friends both online and offline. One great way to build up your blog is to go to events, which is one obvious way to meet people. Also, get yourself on Twitter and Facebook where you can do even more ‘networking’!
  3. You’ll get outside your comfort zone. You might start off with a vague idea about what you want your blog to look like (full of book or restaurant reviews, for example) but you’ll inevitably stray into previously uncharted territory. Early on in my blogging days I was asked to write a blog about the Japanese Takarazuka all-female dance troupe, which I knew absolutely nothing about, but after a couple of DVDs and googling I was surprised by what I was able to pull together. Keep an open mind with your blog, and you’ll come across all sorts of things…
  4. Freebies! The world of PR definitely likes bloggers to help get the message out, so don’t be surprised if after a while you get an email with your first review request. Being a blogger doesn’t mean you’re entitled to anything, of course, but good things come to those who wait. I’ve been invited to exhibition launches and restaurant openings, attended events like MCM and HYPER JAPAN as press, and received more books and anime in the post than I thought possible. That said, do not start a blog because you just like the idea of getting something for free, because you will not stick at it and you actually won’t enjoy it after a while.

If you’re a blogger, what else do you enjoy about blogging? If you’re not already, is there anything you’d like to start blogging about? As always, comment below!

This is also probably a good time to mention that Sophie’s Japan Blog will be returning to a once-a-week rather than twice-a-week schedule from September. Don’t worry, I’ve still got a load of Japan holiday stuff and reviews to get through, but I want to get back to writing my novel!

7 thoughts on “Why is blogging so great?

  1. Happy four year anniversary. Blogging is certainly a great way of meeting new people and fellow anime fans. I wouldn’t mind getting free swag too, although that’s unlikely given my low follower count haha.

  2. I only started blogging last December and I was surprised that people actually started following me, it gave me motivation to continue. It’s also been really nice talking to other bloggers online, people have been really welcoming and encouraging.

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