Pop-up ramen at Monohon!

Despite living in London for a few years now, I’ve not gone to that many ‘pop up’ restaurants. Then I came across Monohon Ramen, a new pop-up ramen joint. This recent venture is the brain child of Ian Wheatley, who lived in Osaka in the late 90s and fell in love with the concept of B-Q Gurume; tiny, neon-signed back street eating spots which often serve just one or two (but very delicious) dishes. After tiring of the corporate life in the UK, Ian returned to Japan to learn the secrets of ramen-making.

I went to Monohon’s third pop-up adventure on Broadway Market in London Fields recently (in a jellied-eel restaurant, about as pop-up as you can get)! Tickets are in demand so you’ll need to book in advance – and is well worth the price at just £10 for a big bowl of steaming ramen and some edamame. Plus, it’s bring your own booze, and you can add extras to your ramen for less than £2.50. The choice that night was of shio tonkotsu ramen (a creamy broth) or shoyu tonkotsu ramen (soy sauce based broth), which both came with bean sprouts, mushrooms, spring onions and a slice of tender pork (chashu).

image6 image5 image4

Our night out at Monohon Ramen was cheap, fun and cheerful. The shio tonkotsu ramen was absolutely gorgeous and I hope it makes a return on a future menu. If you want to support an independent pop-up venture, I really recommend it!

The next Monohon pop-up has already sold out – that’s in Stoke Newington on 1st November – but you can still get tickets for their one of 13th November. You can subscribe and keep track of Monohon’s announcements here.


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