Japanese-style Valentine’s dinner!

Happy Valentine’s Day (or Singles Awareness Day)! Whether or not you celebrated this weekend with your S.O, on an awkward date, or watching Deadpool at the cinema, there’s always a good excuse for a three-course Japanese meal. As I did last year (because I’m predictable) I cooked for my boyfriend – and decided to go Japanese style this year!

I may not be the greatest of cooks but I certainly enjoy it, so here’s a three course easy-to-make Japanese home-cooked dinner for all occasions!

Starter: Sesame Beef Wraps (recipe from BBCgoodfood)


I think I overcooked the beef a little bit, so if I make these again the important thing to remember is to cut the beef into very thin strips and only let them fry for a few minutes.

Main course: Curry udon (recipe from Japan Centre)


Easy-to-make, very filling and delicious! My version looked a bit messy but it was delicious, and all the ingredients are of course available from the Japan Centre website.

Dessert: Dark chocolate mochi (available for Tsuki Mochi)


I originally made matcha cheesecake, but it didn’t set in the fridge! Fortunately I had some Tsuki Mochi chilling in the fridge, waiting for a blogging opportunity, so I cracked them out. These were perfect for rounding off a large meal and tasted divine. They would also make brilliant hors d’ouevres at a dinner party!

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