WIN Harry Potter anime folders from Japan!

It’s competition time! You may have heard a few months ago that Animate, Japan’s largest anime retailer, was launching a range of Harry Potter anime-style plastic folders. Of course, these folders are only available in Japan (even though the series was born in the UK!) but I managed to pick some up when I was in the country last month. Understandably, the folders were hard to come by and a few characters had sold out because Harry Potter’s super popular over there, as it is everywhere else.

This means there are two folders up for grabs for two lucky winners! You can take your pick between Draco Malfoy and Sirius Black! 

How to enter (UK entrants only):

  1. Like Sophie’s Japan Blog on Facebook or follow on Twitter
  2. Comment below (you’ll be prompted for your email) and say which folder you want
  3. Get your entries in by 9pm Thursday 28 April. The winners will then be emailed

Ten points to Gryffindor! I mean, good luck!

7 thoughts on “WIN Harry Potter anime folders from Japan!

  1. I was so excited when the range was first announced :3

    I’d go with Sirius Black! He looks so cute, even if he is grumpily side-eyeing the world 😉 (he has plenty of reason to of course!)

  2. Wow! I hope to go to Japan in a couple of years and this is the sort of cool stuff I hope to find!

    I say Sirius, as he’s my favourite of the two, but that is a lovely colour green……

  3. These are so cute! It’s crazy that they’re not available in the UK I think they’d be super popular! *_* I’ll go with Sirius ❤

  4. I’ll like to go with Draco. I’m already a long time fan of Harry Potter and I would like to win this!! thank you for this!

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