Tombo pops up in Liberty!

Tombo, the Japanese cafe and matcha (green tea) bar, has a lovely pop-up store in Liberty in London – so get your skates on before 1st July! It opened just last weekend and, predictably, I went to sample the produce as soon as possible. My friend Oana and I ate as much as our stomachs (and purses) would allow – for blog research purposes, of course.


If you’re ever in London, a trip to Liberty is an absolute must. This luxury department store is beautiful on the inside and out, their Christmas shop on the top floor is a-ma-zing, and even if you’re just browsing (it’s not exactly cheap!) it’s worth spending time there. If you head to the handbag section on the ground floor, you’ll find Tombo’s pop-up cafe and a couple of seats tucked in the corner. So, why not combine your love for matcha with a love for beautiful things?

Between us, we tried a hot matcha latte, iced matcha latte, and an apple and ginger matcha juice. If you aren’t sure if you’re a hardcore fan of matcha, the juices are probably your best option as they’re very refreshing and fruity but not too overwhelming. That said, if you know you love your matcha (like me) the hot latte is suitably frothy and the iced latte is one of the best I’ve tasted in London. You can also buy Tombo’s matcha powder at the pop-up stall if you want to start drinking it more often – it’s a healthy alternative to the tea round in the office!

IMG_1752 IMG_1762 IMG_1746

As for the snacks, Tombo’s pop-up stall has you covered – whether it’s matcha brownies, matcha and banana muffins, matcha cookies… the list goes on. For our first trip, we tried the matcha volcano (a sweet pastry bun filled with matcha cream) and a matcha donut. Both were absolutely delicious, especially the volcano, and I plan to make a few trips back so I can try some of the other things on offer. Again, for research purposes!

We really enjoyed visiting this new venture of Tombo’s, who are based in South Kensington, close to the museums – so you really should visit them if you can’t make it to their pop-up in Liberty. There’s also a new Soho branch opening later this year, so they’re obviously popular!

You can read more about Tombo’s pop-up in Liberty here, or better yet head down there yourself as soon as you can!

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