Mood music – ‘brightwater’

A few weeks ago I interviewed Ayako Fujiki, the Japanese classical pianist, about her work and upcoming album ‘brightwater’. You can read the interview here and, since ‘brightwater’ was released just a few days ago, I naturally had to do an album review as well.

First things first, you can buy the album for yourself (either mp3 or the audio CD, which comes in a lovely case) on itunes and Amazon.

Barcelona-based Ayako Fujiki’s inspiration is Spanish classical music. Her previous 3 CDs interpret work by other composers but the songs in ‘brightwater’ are her own original works, capturing transient scenes from nature.

Taking inspiration from the natural world – from landscapes to forest to rippling water – ‘brightwater’ combines Ayako’s flawless piano playing with two other instruments – the violin and the cello. There are 13 songs on the album and each is unique, with the piano featuring on its own in some and the string instruments leading in others.

While the overall effect of the album is calm and soothing, there are a number of sightly more upbeat and energetic songs. It’s difficult picking something like my ‘top 3 songs’ but some of the highlights for me are the piano medleys of brightwater and regret (which is actually split into 3 tunes), and Mozaic Trio, which combines all three instruments in a more upbeat but equally moving manner.

‘brightwater’ has already become my default album ‘background writing music’ and I recommend it to anyone who is in need of classical music – whether it’s for relaxation or simply some down time. You can find out more about Ayako’s music on her website.

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