Diary date: Doki Doki Manchester Japanese Festival


I don’t get to blog about my home city as much as I like to but, if you’re in the vicinity of Manchester on Saturday 12 November, you might want to get your tickets to the Doki Doki Japanese Festival. This event, celebrating both traditional and modern Japanese culture, will be held at the Sugden Sports Centre.

I attended the first Doki Doki back in 2011 and am very excited to be returning in 2016 as a guest! I’m even listed on the guest page, which is a big blog first for me. I’ll be speaking on the Japanese Pop Culture Panel with some great panellists, so if you are heading to Doki Doki you can catch the panel at 13.15 on Stage 1 (Main Hall D).

Whatever your interest in Japan is, there’s something for everyone at Doki Doki this year. The full timetable can be viewed here. It’s always best to look at the full line-up yourself so you can get the most out of your day, but here are a few highlights I’ve picked out:

Traditional Japan

  • Music performances: Thunderdrummers Taiko, SOAS Min’yo Japanese Folk Music, shamisen guitar and koto instrument
  • Dance performances: Awa Siren Japanese Dance
  • Martial arts demonstrations: Black Tiger Karate Dojo, Circle Dojo Samurai Arts
  • Talks and panels: Traditional Japanese Culture, Traditional Japanese Toys
  • Demonstrations: Japanese tea ceremony, kimono dressing

Modern Japan

  • Japanese fashion show
  • Cosplay: masquerade, cosplay championships, workshops
  • Dance performances: Aquaria Project, 1Go!
  • Video game and Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments
  • Film screenings: The Case of Hana and Alice, Miss Hokusai, Turtles are Surprisingly Fast Swimmers

I’ll be spending most of the day inevitably taking as many photos as possible. If you’re in the north and fancy a day in good old Manchester, get your tickets to Doki Doki asap! Hopefully I’ll get to chat to some of you at the panel too!

See you then ~

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