Ergo Proxy anime review and giveaway!

mbr7055-ergo-proxy-bd-psChristmas is just a few weeks away, meaning it’s time for a festive giveaway! MVM Entertainment are re-releasing the bad-ass anime series Ergo Proxy on Blu-Ray DVD and we have one copy up for grabs! You must live in the UK to enter.

Whether or not you’ve seen Ergo Proxy before, you’ll want the chance to own this series on Blu-Ray. It’s dark, complex and has a strong female lead. What more could you possibly want? Fans of series such as Ghost in the Shell and Psycho-Pass will definitely want to add this one to their collection.

The review…

Ergo Proxy is set in a world where humans live under domed cities. The world outside is barren and toxic, but within these paradises humans and robots known as Autoreivs coexist. Or so it appears. The Autoreivs are being corrupted by a virus and attacking the public. Detective Re-l Mayer is working on a murder case but is attacked by a terrifying creature. This encounter draws her to Vincent, an immigrant from another domed city, and Pino, a child-like Autoreiv, and ultimately into the unknown outside world.

Ergo Proxy is a stand out anime for me because its story becomes more rich and complex with every episode, without ever becoming confusing or nonsensical. What are the creatures known as ‘Proxies’? What brought humanity under the domed cities? Where did humanity even come from, and are they any different from the robots or Proxies they share their world with? The story is dark, gritty and full of twists and turns, and there’s never a lull in the plot. There are 23 episodes in total and each one is absolutely essential to understanding the world of Ergo Proxy.

The characters are also fantastic. Re-l is as cool as you can get with anime characters but even she is not immune to fear and self-doubt, so fortunately avoids being a cliche. Vincent initially appears bumbling and useless but he develops as the story progresses and actually ended up being my favourite character. Pino is adorable and, despite her cute appearance, is also deceptive. Nothing can be taken for granted. Even the more minor characters, some who only feature in one episode or operate more in the background, have their role to play. Everyone feels like they are there for a reason.

I’m keeping my review short mainly because if I go into too much detail I risk giving the plot away. I can say for certain that it is absolutely fantastic viewing from start to finish and would make a great Christmas present. Ergo Proxy gets a strong 10/10 from me!

How to enter…

  1. Like MVM Entertainment on Facebook or follow on Twitter
  2. Double your entry by doing the same for Sophie’s Japan Blog – Facebook or Twitter
  3. Comment below to say how many times you’ve entered (you’ll be prompted for your email address)
  4. Get your entry in by Thursday 15 December 8pm. You must live in the UK!

Good luck!

31 thoughts on “Ergo Proxy anime review and giveaway!

  1. I like/follow all four, but possibly not under the same email address.
    Ps: something about this page is killing Chrome on my mobile.

  2. I have liked Sophie’s Japan Blog on FB and already liked MVM, I am following MVM on Twitter as @Morrid.
    I’ve always liked the look of this show and hasn’t heard much about it.

  3. I’ve already liked and been following MVM on Facebook and Twitter for some time and I’ve just liked and started following Sophie’s Japan Blog on Facebook and Twitter.

    • Hi Shamim, it looks like maybe the instructions weren’t clear for everyone. But you’re right – people can only get a maximum of 2 entries by following MVM and this blog. Of course everyone’s welcome to do it both on FB and Twitter.

  4. Following both on Twitter already. I love this anime so a BluRay upgrade for my old DVDs would be fantastic. Fingers crossed.

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