Sophie’s London ramen round-up

Source: Bone Daddies

Source: Bone Daddies

Winter is here (even if it’s unseasonably mild), which means it’s perfect ramen weather. London’s exploded with ramen joints in the last few years and chances are you’ll have eaten it at least once if you’ve visited (and more if you live there).

For those who don’t know, ramen is a Japanese dish consisting of wheat noodles served with meat (or occasionally fish) broth. The broth is usually soy or miso flavoured and toppings include sliced pork (chashu), dried seaweed (nori), green onions (negi) and hard-boiled egg (tamago). Every region of Japan has its own signature ramen, such as Kyushu’s tonkotsu or Hokkaido’s miso.

So, here’s my round-up of my favourite ramen joints in London! I’ve added a competitive element by giving each restaurant a ‘bowls out of 5’ rating, but recommend visiting all of them.

PrintBone Daddies

Where: Peter Street Soho, High St Kensington, Bermondsey, Old Street

Favourite dish: T22 ramen (£10)

Served with a side of: Korean friend chicken wing (£6)

Sophie says: Rock n’ roll ‘n ramen. Bone Daddies is always buzzing with people and awesome tunes. The portions are generous and pack a punch, so may not be the best place to take your elderly relatives, but I personally love Bone Daddies. Even if ramen isn’t your thing, you’ve got to go for those amazing korean fried chicken wings. Heaven!

Bowls out of 5: 5



Where: Carnaby, Covent Garden, Liverpool Street, Regent Street, Soho, Westfield Stratford

Favourite dish: Miso Wafu Chicken (£12)

Served with a side of: Black sesame tofu (£6.50)

Sophie says: Shoryu has had a bit of a monopoly on the London ramen market. It was certainly one of the first ramen places I visited in London and it’s since opened several more branches. The food’s always good, service always friendly and place always busy. Good news, there’s now a Shoryu is Manchester!

Bowls out of 5: 5



Where: Central St Giles, Crossrail Place

Favourite dish: Akamaru tamago ramen (£12.50)

Served with a side of: Hirata pork bun (£4)

Sophie says: Ippudo is one of several “straight out of Fukuoka” ramen chains, although admittedly ramen is a lot cheaper there than in London. That said, Ippudo is one ramen join I’ll definitely be returning to. The interior is very classy, making it a good place for a date, but be prepared to wait out the queues on a Friday night! Luckily there’s a bar serving cocktails and lots of sake.

Bowls out of 5: 5



Where: Oxford Street, Dean Street Soho, Mare Street, Canvey Street, Dunstan Street, Blenheim Crescent

Favourite dish: Tonkotsu (£11)

Served with a side of: Little Moons mochi ice cream (£5)

Sophie says: Tonkotsu’s ramen noodles are made fresh on site, and you can actually watch kitchen staff working the noodle-making machines while you wait. I’ve only been to Tonkotsu on Dunstan Street once but would happily go back. Personally, I preferred the noodles to the broth but think I probably need to sample more bowls to get a better picture. Tonkotsu has so many locations, so there’s no excuse not to visit one.

Bowls out of 5: 4



Where: Panton Street, Great Windmill Street

Favourite dish: Miso ramen (£9.90)

Served with a side of: Chicken gyoza (£5)

Sophie says: Sasuke Ramen prides itself on being cheap (by London standards) and cheerful. This is one of my favourite ramen joints in the capital simply because the recipes are fairly simple and the set-up is colourful. This is one of my go-to places to meet up with friends after work and, luckily, its Panton Street branch is conveniently located close to the Japan Centre.

Bowls out of 5: 4



Where: St Giles High Street, Panton Street

Favourite dish: Truffle ramen (£14)

Served with a side of: Aburi chashu – seared chashu pork belly (£3)

Sophie says: Another “straight out of Fukuoka” entry. Kanada-ya is always full when I’ve visited, which isn’t surprising given its two very central locations. Service is quick and friendly and the portions very generous. The rich truffle ramen is my personal favourite, and there’s a wide range of other bowls if you want something different. That said, sometimes simple can be better and some of the bowls are a bit too heavy for me.

Bowls out of 5: 3.5


Do you agree with my ratings? Are there an amazing ramen joints I’ve missed? Comment below!




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