Japan Centre launches DHC Beauty

One of my favourite things about being a blogger is the opportunity to go to the occasional blogger/press launch event. It’s the perfect way to discover something new and meet some lovely people along the way.

Earlier this week, I went to Shoryu Ramen for Japan Centre‘s blogger event to announce the launch of DHC Beauty in their store and online. DHC is a Japanese skincare brand straight from Japan, which has finally come to the UK! At the launch event, us bloggers got the low down on DHC’s product range and were inducted in the Japanese ‘four step’ beauty regime.

One thing a lot of bloggers (mostly fashion, lifestyle and beauty – I think I was the only Japan blogger there) commented on was that everyone in Japan seems to have totally unblemished skin and it’s often hard to guess someone’s age. This is true in my case – when I’ve previously visited Japan as a tourist, people encourage you to guess their age and I’m usually around 15 years off. I always put this seemingly youthful complexion down to diet but apparently Japanese women are also regimental about their beauty regime.


So, here is the DHC Beauty ‘four step’ regime! I’ve never done a beauty blog before, so I suspect a lot of my lingo is not very beauty-esque! I’ve linked straight to the products mentioned so you can purchase them yourself:

  1. Deep cleanser oil: Despite the word ‘oil’, this liquid is very light and doesn’t irritate the skin at all. Just apply a bit on your hands and rub all over your face, a bit more for your eye makeup, then wash off. The oil really does work and definitely gets rid of all the makeup and grime that gathers on your face from walking around a grimy city all day (ew). This is DHC’s most popular product for a reason – one sells every 10 seconds.
  2. Mild soap: This olive oil and honey soap helps to retain the skin’s moisture balance. Simply lather, apply and wash off.
  3. Mild lotion: This toner enhances the moisturiser effect and then…
  4. Olive virgin oil moisturiser: Presumably everyone knows why moisturiser is important – it keeps your skin soft and gives you a healthy glow. DHC’s moisturiser is more liquidy than creamy, meaning you aren’t left with streaks all over your face. Again, the product is light and refreshing.

You can also buy these four items in an essentials set!

I have very sensitive and dry skin, so I’m always conscious about switching skincare products. The fact that my skin hasn’t felt irritated by any of these products demonstrates that the DHC range is suitable for all skin types!


We were lucky enough to get goodie bags to take away so we could test some of the products ourselves. After just two nights’ worth of thorough beauty regime, I’ve definitely noticed my face feels fresher. I’m the sort of person who loves following instructions, so hope I can keep this regime up in the weeks to come. I still need to try the eye strips and facial scrub.

Price-wise, I’d say the DHC range is pretty affordable too. You can either buy online or straight from Japan Centre in London. Or, you can come along to my charity pub quiz at the end of this month where some of the products will be up for grabs in the raffle!

A big thank you to Japan Centre and DHC for hosting us bloggers and treating us to sushi and cocktails… and the goodie bags, of course!


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