Sophie’s Japan Blog first charity pub quiz!

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you will hopefully have seen that I spent the best of last month organising and promoting a Japan-themed charity pub quiz and raffle to fundraise for the British Heart Foundation. Thanks to your donations and attendance on the night, we raised £243 in total! You can still donate via my JustGiving page if you wish!

I figured that, after six years of blogging, holding an external event of some kind was in order. It was a little bit nerve-wracking as I had no idea what the turnout would be and Facebook RSVPs aren’t exactly accurate. However, I love organising things and all things Japanese, so I figured if nothing else it would be a fun night.

A big thanks to my friend Jenny for photographing the evening. Check out her website and follow her on Twitter!

Thankfully, I was (mostly) right. Despite getting one of the answers to my own quiz wrong (I blame factually incorrect pub quiz question websites) and being a very unprofessional compere (it was my first time, to be fair) I think it’s safe to say people enjoyed themselves on the night.

We had three teams (‘Origami’, ‘Who’s Sophie?’ and ‘Goodbye Islington’) competing for a coveted bottle of sake – Origami won but competition was fierce! My main takeaway from the quiz is that I may be too brutal in creating questions. There were a few times when I said ‘now, I expect everyone to know this one but…’ and subsequently made people feel bad when they didn’t get it! Next time I’ll turn down the difficulty level… but only slightly!

There were four pub quiz rounds: (Japanese) picture round, general knowledge, Japanese knowledge and music. The music round required a bit of improvisation when two of the songs were too quiet for the speakers, so I had to rapidly find some alternatives on my iPod.

The winning team – Origami!

Thanks to the generosity of companies who donated prizes, the raffle went down very well! From restaurant meals to anime to books to wasabi plants, most needs were catered to. I think I spent more time gathering prizes than attendees, which meant a few people left with more than one prize! Not that that’s a bad thing, as it’s all for a good cause.

In total, 15 people on the night attended. As this was my first time arranging anything like this, I’m not disappointed but would like to get that number bumped up next year. Yep, Sophie’s Japan Blog will return with another charity pub quiz and raffle in 2018, so watch this space!

Special thanks to The Taproom in Islington, the prize sponsors and you!

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