Dinner at Sapporo Teppanyaki Manchester

I don’t get to visit Manchester as often as I like but, when I do, I like to scout out their Japanese restaurants. My restaurant reviews are overdue some northern representation, despite me growing up there, so here are my thoughts on Sapporo Teppanyaki in Manchester!

Sapporo Teppanyaki is a teppanyaki restaurant with branches in Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow. Diners are seated around open tappanyaki grills, where they can watch the chefs prepare their food and perform some tricks along the way! These added theatrics make Sapporo Teppanyaki a great restaurant to go to for a special occasion or celebration.

Here’s my video of the action…

The menu is varied – from sukiyaki to yakisoba to sushi to generous set menus. Price-wise, the sukiyaki dishes are generally the cheapest and the yakisoba on the higher end. If you want to splash out a bit, the set menus are a good option. Generally, the prices are more mid-range but bear in mind you are paying for the atmosphere and entertainment as well!

Let’s start with the starters – the BBQ spare ribs were a favourite of the night and the meat just falls off the bone, so I recommend those. We also had the duck rolls and vegetable tempura, both of which were also delicious. There’s a lot of choice on the starters menu, so in theory you could just order a few of these dishes between friends. But, the main attraction is of course the teppanyaki grill…

All teppanyaki dishes are served with fried rice, potatoes and vegetable, which the chefs prepare in large portions on the grill in front of you. Once these sides are loaded onto your plate, on goes the meat. I recommend eating the food as it lands on your plate while they’re piping hot because if you’re waiting for your meat a bit longer some bits might have cooled. Different meats are prepared on the grill and separated carefully. We had the buta and tori, but you could also go for sukiyaki, tom-yum, tempura or ramen.

If you can handle dessert, there’s plenty to satisfy from chocolate lava cake to banana tempura. We were pretty stuffed by this point, so stuck to our delicious cocktails instead!

The only downside of the evening was that we were sat in a line around the teppanyaki grill, so if you’re in a larger group you can only really talk to the person next to you. You’re also moved away from the teppanyaki area to a regular table after an hour and a half to let the next people sit down for their meal, so it can feel a bit rushed. That said, this restaurant is still worth visiting for the food and theatrics.

I recommend a trip to Sapporo Teppanyaki next time you’re in Manchester, Liverpool or Glasgow. There’s clearly growing demand for Japanese food in the north, which means I need to get out the London food bubble more often…

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