Unboxing Clearspring goodies!

One of my favourite things about being a blogger is occasionally receiving surprise packages in the post! My most recent delivery was from Clearspring,  who bring high-quality organic Japanese food and ingredients to the UK.

You’ll likely have come across some of their products on your supermarket shelf – from soy sauce to tea to miso paste. I wasn’t aware that Clearspring’s product range is actually much wider, so was very pleased to receive a big box of goodies from them! All of these products are available from the online store or at your local stockist.

One of my favourite items in the box (and thankfully there were plenty of them) were the snack organic packs. These little sachets of tamari roasted soya, seeds and nuts are a very healthy and delicious alternative to a bag of crisps. For those of you who don’t know, tamari is a less salty and fermented soy sauce. I’m disappointed I’ve run out of these, so will definitely be buying more. Of the snacks I tried, the tamari roasted soya with tomato and herb, and the tamari roasted sicilian almonds were my favourites. They’re gluten free too.

Up next on the snacks were the tamari and black sesame wholegrain rice cakes, and the seaveg crispies (toasted seaweed). I’m a big fan of the rice cakes, which are nicely flavoured by the tamari without being too heavy or sticky, so there’s something else I’ll be getting again. I wasn’t as crazy about the seaveg crispies – I love nori in my Japanese food but am not used to it as a dry snack. Considering how healthy it is, being high in fibre and gluten free, I might to try it again. Too many sweets and crisps are consumed at my work desk and Clearspring have some tasty substitutes that are better for the waistline.

Clearspring’s miso on the go sachets are another healthy elevenses snack (or even a full lunch, as I’ve found them to be satisfyingly filling). These blocks of white miso with tofu just need dropping into a mug of hot water and a quick stir. It’s easier and less fussy than squeezing miso paste out of sachets and – good news – it’s vegan!

If you’re attempting to make healthier meals, Clearspring’s instant cous cous is also a winner. All you need to do is measure out a one person serving (details on the box), add hot water then fluff up after five minutes. I think cous cous has an unfair reputation as being a tasteless alternative to rice or pasta, but it doesn’t have to be. Add some salt, pepper, spices or vegetables – or make a tagine, which is even better.

The two final items in the box were dried daikon and apple fruit puree. Obviously, these aren’t desk snacks but ingredients for cooking. Daikon is a sweet and mellow Japanese white radish, which can be shredded and dried, a process which retains most of its nutritional value. It can be added to soups or sauteed on its own. Clearspring’s fruit purees are naturally sweet, healthy and mostly sourced in Italy, so you know they’re going to taste delicious.

Obviously, I can’t really eat these last two items as they are, so you can look forward to seeing some ‘Cooking with Clearspring’ blogs or videos in the future – once I find the free time (hopefully later this summer)!

Whether it’s snacks, seasonings or ingredients for a meal, Clearspring has a very varied product range. I’ve had an explore on their website and there’s a lot left to try, so I’ll have to make a trip to the supermarket soon. The good news is that it’s all organic, healthy and affordable.


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