I love ‘My Love Story!!’

If My Love Story!! (Ore Monogatari) was a person I’d hug it to death. I never realised how badly I needed this series in my life. I watched this entire series with a silly grin plastered across my face – it’s simply joyous and cute and hilarious!

My Love Story!! is a high school romance anime series, a heavily overdone genre, but its story makes it stand out from the crowd. Takeo Gouda, more sumo/gorilla giant that a highschooler, saves Rinko Yamato from a pervert on the train and falls head-over-heels in love with her. Takeo’s hulking physique makes him a loser with the ladies, who all prefer his handsome best friend Suna, and naturally assumes Rinko does too. But no, the object of Rinko’s affections is in fact the incredibly dense Takeo!

Rather than drag out the familiar ‘does he/she like me?’ question across 26 episodes, Takeo and Rinko become a couple very early into the series. This means the rest of the story explores their blossoming relationship, with all its pitfalls, embarrassments and challenges. My Love Story!! is pretty unique in that it looks at what happens after the couple get together.

As a couple, Takeo and Rinko are beyond adorable. She’s a waif-like fairy creature and he’s a deep-voiced beast of a teenager with a heart of gold. They are the epitome of young love. Suna accompanies them on most of their outings (mostly because they’re overcome with shyness but also because Takeo’s far too nice to dump his friend just because he’s got a girlfriend). Suna good-naturedly plays third wheel, despite his good looks and complete lack of interest in getting a girlfriend. If Takeo and Rinko are relationship goals, then Takeo and Suna are bromance goals.

I was initially sceptical how My Love Story!! could make good use of all 26 episodes without becoming drawn out, but there’s a lot of situations that young couples face that make for hilarious episodes. Meeting your partner’s friends for the first time, meeting the family, setting up your friends, love rivals, holding hands for the first time… The only thing that’s really missing is an explosive argument, as couples occasionally have, but as you want nothing but good things for Takeo you’re actually quite glad this never happens.

Speaking of missing things, the only thing that left me perpetually scratching my head was where Rinko’s parents were. Unlike most high school series, Takeo’s parents (who are hilarious) play a fairly prominent role, but we never hear anything about Rinko’s. Other than that, I really can’t fault My Love Story!! because it’s simply adorable. It’s the perfect antidote if you need cheering up.

My Love Story!! is available now from MangaUK. The collector’s edition includes a collector’s box, art card, a poster and more!

Score: 10/10

2 thoughts on “I love ‘My Love Story!!’

  1. Yes!! I’m glad you liked it 🙂 I agree, it’s good to see what happens after the couple get together. This anime is romantic enough that they get their happily ever after but it’s good to explore what ‘happily ever after’ means and the pitfalls it can run into.

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