My 5 favourite Japan-themed Youtube channels!

I spend more time than I’d like to admit on Youtube. I’ve never had the patience to properly edit videos myself (barring one or two exceptions) and I really don’t like hearing my voice played back to me, even less seeing myself staring awkwardly at the camera or waving my arms around. I’m hoping to make some more videos in future when inspiration strikes, so feel free to check out my channel if you’re inclined.

There are a lot of great Youtube channels out there and, unsurprisingly, I particularly enjoy those from English-speaking Youtubers who happen to live in Japan.

There’s a good chance you’ll have heard of some if not all of these channels if you spend a decent amount of time on Youtube. If not, I recommend you subscribe to all of them. Of course, these are just my personal favourites, so if there are any channels you think I’ve missed comment below.

So, here are my 5 favourite Youtube channels!

Sharla in Japan

Whether it’s travel or shopping or geeky stuff, Sharla has you covered on her channel. Plus, she has two adorable cats, which is always a winner in my book. Sharla’s been living in Japan for 10 years and vlogs on her main channel but more frequently on her other channel Sharmander – and even her cats have their own channel. I’m a fan of Sharla, particularly her travel videos, as she’s always cheery in her videos and informative – I’ve discovered a lot of new things about Japan watching her channels.


If you’re genuinely considering studying in Japan and wondering what’s it’s ‘really’ like, Loretta aka KemushiChan is a very good guide. Bilingual and originally from New York, she is now studying for a Masters degree in Japan. Her vlogs cover everything from restaurants to fashion to applying to a Japanese university to living in Japan. As a Youtuber, I find her bubbly and adorable and wouldn’t mind having her as a guide next time I’m in Japan!

The Anime Man

Japanese/Australian Tokyo-based Joey is The Anime Man who talks, unsurprisingly, a lot about anime. His channel is probably the one I’ve followed for the longest out of the five and I’ve seen it evolve from a more ‘let’s play’-style channel to more of a vlog about anime and manga culture and living in Tokyo, with some hilarious parodies thrown in. Joey (and his girlfriend akidearest) are very entertaining to watch. I particularly like his ‘anime in real life’ travel blogs, where he visits locations in Japan that anime series are based off. If you’re interested in learning something new about the industry or the trends, or just want to see all the cool anime stuff in Japan, this is the channel for you.

Abroad in Japan

This is one of those channels that gives you extreme ‘living in Japan’ envy. Chris Broad, a British man living in Japan, is the face of Abroad in Japan and has featured on pretty much everything from BBC to Reddit. Whether it’s travel, hilarious ‘Engrish’ translations or food, this channel has it all. I was only recently introduced to this channel and my travel bug has definitely grown since. Chris himself is hilarious and his latest video (at the time of writing) was Why I’ve Not Made Any Videos Recently, but don’t be disappointed because he’s working on a documentary! We can expect to see more from Chris.

Rachel & Jun

This probably won’t come as a big surprise if you know my tastes – Rachel and Jun are an American/Japanese couple living in Japan with their three adorable cats. That’s my life dream right there. Not only are Rachel and Jun entertaining and informative but they’re also a genuinely lovely couple. They’re really a delight to watch. I particularly like the Idiot’s Guide video (so far there’s only been two and I really hope there will be more), the travel vlogs and of course anything involving their cats – Haku, Nagi and Poki. The story behind Rachel and Jun rescuing Poki is lovely and admittedly Poki is a little devil – you can watch a video about Poki’s rescue here. Rachel and Jun make the number one slot not only because they and their main channel is amazing, but so are their two other ones – Jun’s Kitchen and Rachel and Jun’s Adventures! To top it off, Rachel recently launched her own sakura-themed jewellery line and I treated myself to the sakura ouka earrings!

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