6 year blogiversary – ask me anything!

Next month, Sophie’s Japan Blog will be turning six! To celebrate, I’m asking readers to send questions my way and one lucky winner will receive a prize!

Ask me anything (within reason…)

I need an excuse to do another video, so I thought a simple ‘ask me anything’-style video would be fun to do! Perhaps some people might be interested in learning a bit about the person behind the camera/computer screen/keyboard?

There are a few ways you can ask questions – commenting on this blog post, via Twitter or via Facebook. Once I have enough questions, I’ll post a video some time in August!

Whether it’s about travelling, anime, Japanese culture or me personally – ask me anything (within reason)!

The prize…

One lucky questioner will be selected on 18 August (the blog’s 7th birthday) to win the Tenchi Muyo OVA Collectors Edition, courtesy of MVM Entertainment! This is a classic anime series being re-released on Blu-Ray on 7 August in a special collector’s edition boxset!

Tenchi is an average guy with extraordinarily bad luck. To make matters worse, he just accidentally freed the ravishing space pirate Ryoko after 700 years of captivity! Now, attractive alien girls from across the galaxy are about to make his life more outrageous than ever imaginable. Can he survive the romantic entanglements of living with five lovely ladies – and unlock the secrets of his mysterious ancestry?

What started off as a post-uni boredom-buster is somehow still going, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it. Sometimes blogging takes over my life and it feels like a second job.

Thanks to blogging, I’ve met a lot of lovely people, eaten some great food, been to some exciting events and had my fair share of free books and DVDs! And, of course, I’ve visited Japan a few times…

Looking forward to answering your questions!



12 thoughts on “6 year blogiversary – ask me anything!

  1. If you could go back in time which one thing you’ve done on the blog would you stop yourself from doing?

  2. The God of Anime is taking you to the promised land, and you are asked to choose one anime to take with you. What do you choose?

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