Interview with Danny Choo – video!

Last month I went to Hyper Japan, where I was lucky enough to interview one of their star guests Danny Choo one-on-one! You can listen to the interview on my Youtube channel, which I’m starting to add to more frequently so feel free to subscribe!

Danny was born in the UK to Chinese Malaysian parents and has lived in Tokyo since 1999. He is most well-known as the creator of a brand called Culture Japan, which produces TV shows and character content about Japanese culture, and the Smart Doll fashion doll. Danny also works with the Japanese Government to help promote the Cool Japan campaign.

The Culture Japan mascot, Mirai Suenaga, has collaborated with various anime and video game companies and is the official mascot for Japan Tourism! What’s more, she will be making an appearance at the Tokyo Olympics!

I went into this interview knowing fairly little about Smart Doll, although I had been following Danny on Twitter before that! The temptation to get my own Smart Doll now is strong… perhaps I’ll visit their Tokyo store on my next visit!

There’s still another Hyper Japan interview coming to the blog later this month.


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