Unboxing MORE Clearspring goodies – video!

I’m on a bit of a video spree at the moment, so check out my very first unboxing video!

I recently did an online shop at Clearspring, a well-known purveyor of authentic Japanese, macrobiotic and organic fine foods. You’ll likely have seen some of their popular products at your local supermarket, but I picked up some of their more unusual products too for something a bit different.

So, enjoy this very unprofessional attempt at an unboxing video and subscribe to my channel! If you have any suggestions for recipes I should make with these goods, let me know.

Items shown in video:

Organic Japanese shoyu soya sauce

Japanese toasted sesame oil

100% buckwheat soba noodles

Organic Japanese umami paste with ginger

Organic brown rice amazake

Organic rice malt syrup

Organic apple cider vinegar with The Mother

Japanese organic matcha green tea powder – ceremonial grade


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