Matcha treats from Tokyo Direct

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll probably know I’m a big fan of matcha – whether it’s a proper frothy cup at a tea ceremony, matcha latte or matcha cake. You can guess I’d be pleased to receive a box of matcha goodies in the post!

I recently received a small box from Tokyo Direct, a new start up company that brings amazing Japanese products directly from Japan to the UK, Europe and everywhere else. Whether it’s ramen, sweets or beauty products, there’s plenty to choose from and their range is growing, so go check out their website!

Matcha is a fine powder made by grinding down tea leaves, so it’s rich in antioxidants . Traditionally it is whisked into a frothy drink in a ceramic bowl at a tea ceremony, but you’ll find it in lots of other products. Matcha has an earthy taste and can either be savoury or sweet, depending on whether you’re mixing it with something else.

Matcha granola

You really can put matcha in everything! I’d never had matcha granola before but am already a big fan of this Nissin product. This granola is very crunchy and the freeze-dried strawberries and red beans make it very tasty indeed. The matcha taste itself is very subtle, so it doesn’t taste miles away from regular granola. I wasn’t expecting the granola to turn the milk a pale green, which makes sense when you think about why matcha latte is green. (buy it here!)

Matcha latte

I’ve already said I’m a fan of matcha latte but rarely don’t drink it in my own home. Thankfully, these matcha latte sachets are very easy to use (simply add to either hot or cold water) and whisk with a spoon. Now you can sit in front of the TV or put it in your flask and head off to work – saving you buying a £3 cup from Starbucks or Pret! These particular sachets are very sweet, so will satisfy those of you with a sweet tooth. (buy them here!)

Matcha latte

Japan is well known for its crazy KitKat range – and incidentally Tokyo Direct has a whole range of them! Whenever I go to Japan I stock up on big bags of matcha KitKats, so I was very pleased to receive some in my box. These particular KitKats have a white chocolate base and are nice and creamy. If you’re new to the world of Japanese KitKat flavours, matcha is always a good place to start. Imagine a pale green and earthy-tasting chocolate bar. (buy them on sale here!)

I’m already eyeing up the next things I’d like to try for Tokyo Direct! Why not check out their online shop and treat yourself?


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