Why are you writing a blog?

I graduated without a job and, being a workaholic, decided to set myself a personal project: write a weekly blog about Japan. I love to write and I love Japan, so this seems to be the perfect solution.

When does the blog come out?

Typically, the blog is updated once a week. Sometimes I have to take time off and, if this happens, there will be a very apologetic post.

Why Japan?

I studied History at university so I naturally came across books on Japanese history. It was never something I studied formally so I just picked up a book whenever I had a free moment. Being on the execs for both the university’s Student Cinema and Anime and Manga societies exposed me to a lot of Japanese media (from bad anime series to Battle Royale).

What’s your favourite anime series?

I try to be selective with this list but some of my favourites are From the New World, Psycho-Pass, Kids on the Slope, Full Metal Alchemist and Sengoku Basara.

Are you looking for contributors?

Yes. Email sophiesjapanblogATlive.co.uk with some ideas and we can sort something out!

Where are you from?

Just outside Manchester… Well, Cheshire really, but that doesn’t sound as cool. I’m currently living in London though!

How can I contact you?

Email sophiesjapanblogATlive.co.uk

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