What fun things you can expect to find on the blog?

  • Features: travel, culture and history
  • Reviews: Books, films, anime, restaurants and more
  • Interviews
  • Competitions!

This is not a professional blog on Japan! I am not an expert on the country but I am very passionate about its history and culture. I research everything for this blog in my own time, and have fun while doing it!

Thank you for taking the time to look at this blog. Don’t forget to subscribe, find me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and help spread the word!

What others have to say about the blog:

Nikholia @ Yatta! Magazine: ‘Your blog isn’t your every day, post about Japan blog, it’s creative, fun and a joy to read. Weekly themes and the creative flow of your writing is just warming and satisfying. A must read for anyone who has even the smallest liking in anything Japan. Can’t wait to read more.’

danimmediacy: ‘Just read your latest blog and it was so sastisfying! There’s something really warm and relaxing about the way you write. :) ‘

nessiesenpai: ‘It’s not your bog standard weeby desu desu blog too, its full of informative tidbits of information about the country we all seem to obsess about from someone who actually does know her stuff.’

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